What Is Government Pushed Red Edible Oil?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

The government will develop the industry red edible oil as an alternative to cooking oil which is often used by the community for cooking.

Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Teten Masduki said red edible oil has high protein and vitamin A content.

Therefore, he considers red cooking oil to be much healthier than cooking oil. In fact, the food can be used to prevent stunting.



Meanwhile, the processing of red edible oil is also different from the cooking oil sold in the market today.

Teten explained that red edible oil is processed without going through a bleaching process. Thus, the content of protein and vitamin A is high.

“If the current cooking oil is clear, it’sbleaching Yes, it was cleaned, the vitamin A was wasted,” said Teten at the Presidential Palace Complex, Monday (18/7).

Furthermore, he said the development of red edible oil was carried out to raise the price of palm fresh fruit bunches (FFB).

According to him, red edible oil can be a solution for farmers who only sell palm FFB to cooking oil producers.

“Farmers sometimes have difficulty selling their FFB or the price is low because they don’t have the technology to process their palm oil into CPO and into edible oil,” explained Teten.

Previously, General Chairperson of the Indonesian Palm Oil Farmers Association (Apkasindo) Gulat Manurung said many farmers were stressed because the price of oil palm FFB fell.

“I also saw the quantity of farmers who were stressed quite a lot. On social media there were shouting in the garden, some did not want to go home, wanted to stay in the garden,” said Gulat.

He said farmers were stressed because they thought about the short-term impact of the decline in oil palm FFB prices. Understandably, the price of FFB has not moved significantly at this time.

In North Sumatra, the price of palm FFB for the period 13-19 July 2022 is set at Rp1,345 per kg. The price rose slightly from the previous Rp1,276 per kg in the period 6-12 July 2022.

Meanwhile in Bengkulu, the price of palm FFB at the processing plant level rose by around Rp. 50-100 per kg. The highest price is IDR 1,000 per kg and the lowest is IDR 800 per kg.

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