What is happening with the new Area B bans

Area B yes, Area B no. Less than two weeks after the entry into force of the new bans for the mega limited traffic zone that covers practically all of Milan, the political brawl on the new rules continues, which will prohibit access to the city even for euro 4 and 5 diesel engines.

The last to enter the register of protesters was the governor of the Lombardy region, Attilio Fontana: “Just as exceptions have been made in the covid period, this period is no different, it is no less dramatic”, he said on the sidelines of a conference on infrastructures in Lombardy. For what “prospects” on the energy and economic level “I believe it is necessary to consider the hypothesis of creating a derogation”. he reiterated the number one of the Pirellone. If the Sala junta goes ahead, concluded Fontana, “it will assume an important responsibility”.

The cars that will be banned in Milan

But the Lombard president is not the only contrary voice, quite the contrary. The new bans “risk being an obstacle at the moment because we have many construction sites with a fleet of cars that have not yet been updated and therefore this really risks creating a blockade”, remarked Regina De Albertis, president of Assimpredil Ance in the past few hours. “In this difficult moment for families and businesses it is really unfair to block the circulation of diesel euro 4 and 5 in Area B – echoed Luca Bernardo, head of the civic list at Palazzo Marino and former candidate for mayor -. the environment with non-structural decisions. The economy, already severely tested by the pandemic and now by the serious international economic situation, is certainly being damaged. The categories are deeply concerned “. “Milan – Bernardo pointed out – is becoming a buffer for a dear life beyond measure. It is not in our Ambrosian nature to be like this. The environment should not be ideologized, because it belongs to everyone and we need real measures that look ahead with a serious perspective”.

Is there really the possibility of a postponement of the new bans? According to Sala, it would seem not. “We declared Area B bans some time ago. There is obviously the risk that many who are used to coming to the office with the car will not be able to do so but we have to summarize the needs of the work with the many, many who want to see actions to improve air quality “, replied the Mayor. In short, the stop to the most polluting cars really appears around the corner.

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