What is it like talking to Carlos Herrera on WhatsApp? Alberto Herrera is not shy when telling it – Herrera in COPE

In the 21st century, It is difficult to find someone who does not have social networks, especially WhatsApp. However, not everyone makes the same use of the instant messaging service. Normally, young people live more glued to their phones. They have become accustomed to communicating by messages, they answer quickly and have conversations with friends and family through WhatsApp.

As we pass on to more adult generations, the frequency of use of the telephone decreases and with it the response time to answer messages increases, although we can find exceptions. At ‘Herrera en COPE’ we have focused on immediacy, both in consumption habits and in the personal sphere, where each time we look for the answers to reach us sooner.

The director of ‘Herrera en COPE’ got wet this week about the culé coach a few days after playing against Sevilla in the League

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What is it like to talk to Carlos Herrera on WhatsApp

In the ‘thinking corner’, Mar Amate helps us get closer to Carlos Herrera and find out what he is like using WhatsApp. Specifically, the son of the communicator, Alberto Herrera, has wanted to explain what relationship he has with his father through the mobile phoneputting the focus on a curious fact.

“The relationship I have with the boss over the phone is very curious because we have reversed roles or so I think,” Alberto began by pointing out. As he explains, he plays “the role of father”, that is, of the one who “write all the time, every day, whether it’s jokes or important topics”, while Carlos “decides which topic based on his interest he answers more or less quickly”.

At this point, Alberto Herrera has reproached his father that there are messages to which he “never answers”, something that he “will never do”. However, the director of ‘Herrera en COPE’ is always available to speak on the phone. “If you want to give him the phone to talk to him, he always takes it and if he doesn’t, it’s usually for a good reason”adds Albert. After listening to her testimony, Mar has confessed that the advice given to her by the communicator’s son, is that “if she wants to talk to Carlos, she has to call him by phone.”