‘What is it with wappies and donate buttons?’ –

Singer Tim Douwsma was no longer allowed to perform in the spring of 2020 and has since taken every opportunity to criticize the corona policy. After a period in Portugal with like-minded people, he is now back with his new YouTube platform Univibes.

When care went towards code black in September last year and the large majority of the Netherlands did its bit to cope with the corona crisis, Tim Douwsma thought it necessary to ‘stop participating’ and to revolt against the corona policy. He refused a vaccination and called on his followers to stand up against ‘medical apartheid’.

Apparently the oracle from Friesland is still talking, because he has now even set up a foundation and a platform, which should serve as inspiration for a more beautiful world. If you click on the videos on YouTube, Tim will beg within a minute for a donation ‘to be able to set up even more great initiatives’.

Douwsma’s platform is also touted by BLCKBX, one of the largest Dutch conspiracy theory platforms on YouTube. Self-help guru and book seller Michael Pilarczyk is a guest and immediately throws in a tile of wisdom about burnout complaints and inner strength: If you really stay with yourself, you cannot possibly experience burnout, stress or inner turmoil.

People on Twitter don’t like Douwsma’s practices: