What is María Delgado’s dream after leaving television?

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Away from television, although always active with different initiatives, the journalist and former news anchor has a dream that she hopes to realize next year.

In an interview with Andrés Rojas on the program “Radio en vivo”, Delgado confessed that he wants to be a mother.

“Now, Andrés, I say to you and to all the friends who listen to you, now I do dream of being a mother. Next year I dream of being a mother, ”she commented in the interview that aired on Radio Monumental.

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Delgado explained that there are no dates to announce the news. In response, Rojas commented: “Does that mean that at any moment we will have the news?” The answer was: “If God so directs it, yes.”

Last month Delgado announced that he would run in the 50th marathon in New York, in the United States. That challenge that he will undertake this October was one of his greatest wishes.


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