What is soaking? The sexual practice that Lic. Cecilia Ce brings in her sessionary

Some time ago the term went viral on TikTok because a influencer American and former member of the Mormon Church who, through his content, speaks a lot about the community of which he was a part spoke of soaking in that community.

In his post he explained: also known as “parking”, “marinating” and even “dock and talk” it is, neither more nor less, when the man penetrates the woman with his penis and then, instead of moving or pushing , let it rest. Hence the terms used to define it, which, in Spanish, would be: soak, park, marinate and dock and speak.

So far, the definition. The issue is that she said that this sexual practice is the response of young Mormons to “support the chastity imposed by the Church.” As? Supposedly they consider that it plays with a ‘gray area’ within what the Institution seems to define as “sexual intercourse”, an act that they only allow after marriage.

2023-06-03 07:32:13

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