What is the Bar Method to tone and firm the body

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Born in the United States but now widespread throughout the world, the Bar Method it is a very profitable workout for those who want to tone their body by training all muscle groups. It is a workout completo, very useful for getting back in shape and maintaining your ideal weight. It is no coincidence that many stars rely on this type of exercise to have a well-rounded physique: practicing it are VIPs like Jennifer Aniston e Kirsten Dunst, while in Italy we have Maya Sansa who is a great lover of discipline.

The Bar Method originated in the late 1900s thanks to Burr Leonard, a New Yorker particularly fond of classical and jazz dance. Always passionate about training at the bar, which she had met while studying metodo Lotte Berk, she soon decided to give life to her own series of exercises with the aim of helping many women of all ages to have a slim and toned body.

To do this, Burr Leonard has collaborated with some prestigious physiotherapists to make him exercises proposed by his Bar Method were safe for the joints and effective in engaging all muscles. Thanks to the precautions adopted by physiotherapists, this type of training proved to be suitable for all women, beyond individual individual skills, even overcoming the barrier of any physical disabilities.

The Bar Method is based on a series of very different techniques: it integrates some stretching exercises with others of intense muscular effort, excellent for burn calories and lose weight easily. The method devised by Burr Leonard provides elements of interval training, a type of training characterized by sets of low and high intensity exercises interspersed with each other. These exercises are highly effective in losing weight because they help reactivate the metabolism.

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However, the distinctive technique of the Bar Method is isometric training: it is an activity that involves intense muscle contraction through small and repeated movements. Isometric exercises are practiced mainly by maintaining fixed positions for a certain period, making sure that the muscle involved remains contracted for the entire time period. This helps to give to the body a much more toned and graceful look, with sculpted arms, flat abs and tapered legs.

In a few weeks, this workout allows you to improve muscle strength and to firm up all the muscle groups, starting from the thighs and buttocks. It also aligns the body and allows you to adopt a better posture, also increasing the flexibility of the muscles. Of course, the effort made while carrying out the exercises, which are performed at a fast pace, increases heart rate and speeds up the process by which we burn calories, so that we lose weight faster.



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