What is the best next-generation console to give away in Reyes?

Last November, the new generation of consoles was released: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X y Xbox Series S. The new desktops are called to be one of the great Christmas gifts of this 2020, to gradually leave the previous devices behind after seven years of full life. But investing in a console is always a major leap.

The new generation of consoles kicks off: what can we expect from the future of video games

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Which is the best technically? Are those prices worth paying? How many games are there for each one? They are some of the unknowns that can assail us when trying to choose. So that you do not make a mistake in your purchase and you can enjoy video games for 2021, we are going to give you some points that you should keep in mind.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the beasts

Both PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X (XSX) are the two great technical bets of this generation. Both support 4K resolutions and have a price of 500 euros (400 in the case of the PS5 without a Blu-Ray reader), which places them as the “high ranges” of this generation.

Technically, they are very similar consoles: both have the same GPU architecture (RDNA 2), have 8 cores and a Zen 2 processor and 16 GB of RAM. It is in small details where they differ: the XSX has a little more storage (1TB SSD compared to the 825 GB of the PS5), although in both devices it can be expanded.

One difference that both Sony and Microsoft have highlighted are the so-called “TeraFLOPS”, of which the PS5 has 10.28 compared to 12 for the Xbox. But what exactly are they? The FLOP is a measurement used to illustrate the total performance of the device (GPU + CPU). To give you an idea: an iPad Pro has 350 GigaFLOPS.

Either of these two consoles can be a good option for players looking for great technical experiences and take advantage of 4K resolution. So far, with respect to the game catalog, there are no major differences since the XSX did not have a “big launch” at the start, while the PS5 came with a little more offer.

Even so, you have to know that if you own an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4, the vast majority of games are compatible with these consoles. Some titles have even updated them to take full advantage of the new beasts.

Missing from the stores

It must be taken into account that since its release on the market, it is very difficult to get hold of any of these two consoles. In the case of the PlayStation 5, the arrival of stock is usually notified days in advance in the different electronics stores and they are sold out within a few minutes.

Xbox Series X is a little easier to get. The official Microsoft store usually warns of when it is replenished in a store and they also sell their own units. In addition, in recent weeks, before Christmas, there have been more and more units put on sale.

Therefore, if you were planning to purchase any of these models, we recommend that you be pay attention to Telegram channels or specialized accounts.

Xbox Series S: small and 200 euros cheaper

But what is the “little” sister of the Xbox Series X like? The Xbox Series S (XSS) is a console of 300 euros and considerably smaller (1.92 kilograms of weight compared to almost 5 kilos of the other two). In return, it is much less powerful, which does not have to be a negative.

The big difference, in addition to the size and the design, lies in the resolution, since does not support 4K. The XSS stays in the already established Full HD (1080p), but it should not back you down. Many users do not have a 4K television in their living room, which means that to get the most out of both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X you have to invest in one.

This can be a huge draw for a user who wants keep taking advantage of your TV Or you just don’t want to spend on a new one. There is also a considerable reduction in storage: 512 GB which is actually 364 GB since the rest is occupied by the operating system.

Despite this, the hard drive, as in the rest, is an SSD. This makes it, at the user level, a console just as fast in times of load than his older sister and we do not have to wait to play any title.

Also, the Xbox Series S also supports technology ray tracing, one of the great attractions of this generation. This technology makes it possible to improve the lighting, shadows and reflections of the titles since, instead of reproducing the lights, it calculates the incidence of the light rays according to the position of the character.

The little sister, the best option

So, what is the best console to vitiate for 2021? Always depending on what we are looking for specifically, but the Xbox Series S rises as the best option.

First, its price ranks it as the most competitive. Sacrificing 4K resolution and some storage (which can always be expanded with an external hard drive) is very affordable compared to saving 200 euros and not losing the great promise of this generation, the ray tracing.

Its size and design make it practically you can place it anywhere: under the TV, next to a piece of furniture, on a table, etc. Its weight, two kilos less, allows it to be easily carried on a trip and even moved from one room to another.

Finally, Microsoft has one of the most striking services to play a huge number of titles: el Xbox Game Pass. It is a subscription service with different levels that works like, for example, Netflix: you pay a fixed amount per month and you have a whole catalog of video games. The levels are:

  • Xbox Games Pass PC (9,99 euros al mes)
  • Xbox Game Pass Console (9.99 euros per month)
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (12,99 euros al mes)

As its name indicates, the first two are for computer or console, respectively. The third, for its part, allows you to play both on the console and on the computer and, in addition, it gives you access to xCloud to play the same titles on your mobile (both Apple and Android).

In short, unless you have the ability to play games in 4K, the best option is to buy the Xbox Series S combo with Xbox Game Pass (in any of the supported plans). For 300 euros, you will have at your disposal a desktop that has nothing to envy its “older” sisters. And with the Game Pass you will not need to buy more games, in addition to updating the catalog monthly.

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