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The Institute for Technological Assessment in Health (IETS), Together with other academic institutions and those from the health area, they led the first study carried out in Colombia that shows that it is more profitable vaccination against covid-19 If priority is given to health professionals, people with comorbidities and older adults, compared to vaccination without prioritization.

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It must be taken into account that access to vaccines has been limited by the production capacity and high costs from the same.

In countries with developing economies, such as Colombia, A prioritized vaccination strategy has been advanced to reach 35 million Colombians vaccinated.

Within the framework of this strategy and with funding from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, the IETS, the National Institute of Health, the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, the Universidad del Sinú, the Universidad de Cartagena and Mutual Ser EPS compared two national scenarios of vaccination plans against covid-19: one in which people at high risk when contracting the virus were prioritized and the other in which there were no prioritized groups, plus a third in which vaccination is not contemplated.

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The study, which was based on data on symptomatic cases, deaths, and costs for each of the three scenarios from the start of vaccination implementation in April 2021 to projections sustained through February 2023, showed that the prioritization of the high-risk population reduced symptomatic cases by 44% and deaths by 60% during the vaccination period, compared to the absence of vaccination.

IETS researchers, together with experts from other institutions, developed a cost-effective economic model in which the Colombian population was categorized by departments, high-risk workers for covid-19, comorbidities, and age groups.

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The scientific evidence of experts from these academic institutions and the health sector projects that prioritizing the vaccination of people with higher mortality risks achieves the reduction of deaths during the two years following the implementation of the vaccines.

This reduction in the burden of disease helps generate better vaccination policies in countries with economic resources limited as Colombia, where, to date, 70.09% of people fully vaccinated are registered.