In a press release that she published under house arrest in Dubai, Zeina denied that she was in a quarrel with an American family of Arab origin. The denial came after rumors that the US consulate in Dubai intervened in the quarrel that took place between the Egyptian star and the American family, which resulted in preventing the parties from traveling until the end of the investigation. The Egyptian star confirmed in the statement that she was assaulted and violated privacy by the family mentioned; what prompted them to submit a formal complaint to the authorities, adding that she can travel at any time desired. Zeina added that the main reason for her stay in Dubai was to treat the teeth of her two children, Ezzeddin and Zainuddin. Zeina has already published a picture of her with the well-known dentist, Majid Naji, and confirmed that she is in Dubai to beautify her teeth and treat her two children’s teeth.


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