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What is the "League of LOL" that agitates Twitter and the media sphere?

Like #Metoo in his time, a blast blew on Twitter in France this weekend, causing the layoff of several journalists from different Parisian editorial offices. At issue, revelations about the existence of a Facebook group called "the League of LOL", and the actions of its members, mainly male, which, according to several testimonies and the admission of the interested parties, surrendered guilty of cyberbullying between 2009 and 2012. Explanations.

Originally, an article from CheckNews

It all started with an article in "Liberation" published on Friday and entitled "Did the LOL League really exist and harass feminists on social networks? ". This article reveals the existence of a private Facebook group of about thirty journalists and communication professionals.

The latter, mainly men, now working in different editions, including that of "Liberation", would have been guilty of more or less coordinated harassment targeting women, but also men, for their positions often feminist.

Many testimonials

Following this article, many testimonies of victims were added to those already revealed by Libération. Several well-known Twitter names, such as Blogger Daria Marx, former journalist Capucine Piot, journalist Florence Porcel and blogger Matthias Jambon-Puillet have reported being the target of degrading photo-montages, sexist statements, or still attacks on their physique.

"At every political thread, every feminist guffante or against grossophobia, I knew that I was going to pay the price of my freedom of expression," said activist Daria Marx. For his part, Matthias Jambon-Puillet told the site Medium have been the target of anonymous insults and photo-montages, including a pornographic sent in his name to minors.

Stakeholders apologize

Very quickly, the members of this group themselves published texts in order to present their "apologies" to the people targeted at the time, claiming to have realized that "the accumulation of their isolated acts" related actually cyberbullying.

"I saw that some people were regularly targeted but I did not guess the extent and the trauma suffered," wrote David Doucet, web editor of the Inrocks, who admitted "two telephone hoaxes." "I apologize to all those who may have felt harassed, but I can not assume all the bullshit that people could do at the time on the Internet," said the group's creator. , Vincent Glad, freelancer at Libération and former columnist of the "Grand Journal".

Members of this "League" have discussed the climate of Twitter in its early days, saying that it was then seen to be "black humor" or "oppressive jokes". "I wanted to be clever when in fact I was stupid," said the youtubeur Guilhem Malissen.

First sanctions

Following these revelations, at least 4 journalists and one advertiser were "laid off prematurely". Among them: Vincent Glad and Alexandre Hervaud, "Libération", Guilhem Malissem, "Nouvelles Écoute" and Renaud Loubert-Aledo, publicis advertising group. David Doucet, of the "Inrocks", is under the procedure of dismissal for serious misconduct.


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