What is the means Kim Jong-un will use to travel to his meeting with Donald Trump?


In the last 70 years, the United States has had 13 presidents. North Korea only three leaders : Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un. Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon have passed through the White House. After the resignation of this came Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Father and Bill Clinton. Then he reached the presidency Bush, son, Obama and currently the tenant of the most famous house in the United States is Trump, Donald Trump . Everything seems to indicate that the latter will be the first American president to face a North Korean leader. It was Trump himself who last Monday, before the first weekly meeting with his cabinet, was very optimistic about a more than possible meeting between him and Kim Jong-un in late May or early June . An absolutely unprecedented meeting that would break a silence that goes back to the Korean War, from 1950 to 1953, in which the United States supported seamlessly the Republic of Korea or South Korea, while North Korea, officially the People’s Republic Democratic Party of Korea, had the support of the Soviet Union and China. The end of this conflict was open, because although an armistice was signed in the summer of 53, this was not corroborated with a later peace treaty and even today North Korea affirms that it was the winner of that war. Almost 65 years after the armistice, North Korea and the United States are going to see each other’s faces. The current US president criticized his predecessors for letting the situation reach this point over time and the announcement of this meeting has taken both the members of his administration and the US allies by surprise. Now, the next step is to decide where that unprecedented summit will be held . According to him Washington Post There are several places that are being studied. One could be the demilitarized strip between the two Koreas, which will be the place where Kim Jong-un will also meet in the coming weeks with the president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in. Look also North Korea celebrated the anniversary of its founder without military parade Others have indicated that this meeting could take place in a country such as Russia (a place now unlikely after the escalation of tension in Syria) or China, as a global detente, although it seems that Trump advocates that the meeting be in the United States, which would allow him to make a grandiloquent reception to the one who until now is the “archenemy” of his country, although his advisors, who lately have to work against the clock in the face of the continuous innovations generated by their boss, would have raised three other places: two in Europe, Switzerland or Sweden and one in Asia: Singapore . If everything goes ahead, in a matter of days you will have to know which is the place to which both heads of state will travel. Wherever it is, what is certain is that Trump will travel in one of the symbols of “made in USA” power: the Air Force One, a Boeing 747, which in military denomination is a VC-25, with a range of 14,000 kilometers without scale, although technically it is capable of flying anywhere in the world, since it can even be refueled in flight from a tanker aircraft. On the other hand, the relationship of North Korean leaders with aviation is very different: there are not many images of the first two leaders related to airplanes, even though Kim Il-sung was officially aviator. Nor is there much of his son, who is said to have been sent to East Germany to train in fighters of the GDR, although he was not a very bright pilot and he was not very fond of flying . All this information usually comes from South Korean espionage and should be taken into account with reservations. What is certain is that the very few official trips abroad of the current leader, who governed between 1994 and 2011, were in a unique armored train whose wagons weigh so much that the speed of the convoy is limited to 80 kilometers per hour. The presidential plane of Kim Jong-un. An old Russian Ilyushin 62. AFP That same train was the one that Kim Jong-un used a few weeks ago to make his first official trip out of North Korea since he came to power: a journey between Pyongyang and Beijing that took many city dwellers by surprise, They ended up recording the comings and goings of a pompous official caravan of vehicles circulating through the great avenues of the city cut for their passage. A few days later it was learned that in the most protected vehicle of that caravan the North Korean leader was traveling accompanied by his wife. If the meeting with Trump is held in the demilitarized zone or in China, it is most likely that the displacement of Kim Jong-un be back in that unique armored train , although if it is further, you will have to take a plane that serves as “Air Force One” of North Korea … and since 2014 officially exists. It is a white Ilyushin 62 that It was seen for the first time thanks to some images offered by the country’s television. In them the North Korean leader appears disembarking of the flaming airplane and later you can see it flying in the (this is how the video is made) about the capital of the country with images that alternate with this looking through the window and shots of the construction of modern buildings on both sides of the Taedong River. In the same report appears dispatching in flight with a high command and there is no missing someone taking note of everything that is said in a small notebook, an image repeated over and over again in the many photos and fewer videos of this leader, son of leader and grandson of leader. Look also Kim Jong-un mentioned for the first time the “dialogue” with the United States The North Korean presidential plane was seen for the first and only time outside the country when he crossed the north-south border and landed in Seoul to bring a delegation to the Olympic Games in PyeongChang. On board was Kim Yo-jong, the sister of the leader, who was one of the most photographed during the Winter Olympics this year’s figures. The plane carries the P-618 license plate and until five years ago it was painted with the colors of the national airline , although by the airports in which it has been photographed it is more than likely that you have never made commercial flights it has been considered a state plane, since it has been seen on numerous occasions in Zurich, Bratislava, Prague or Stockholm, airports that are not in the small network of destinations of the North Korean state airlines. The Air Force One that is Donald Trump. A giant of the heights. ANSA The Ilyushin 62 is a Soviet-made four-reactor designed in 1960, It first flew in 1963 and its first user was the Russian Aeroflot in 1967. It has a unique configuration of its engines, with four reactors at the rear of the fuselage that resemble a British-made aircraft, the VC-10, which was always said to be an imitation and was the first long-range Soviet reactor, capable of flying up to 10,000 kilometers without refueling and the almost 300 units that were manufactured until 1995 ended up flying mostly in Russian companies and the Soviet orbit , including Cubana de Aviación. The takeoffs of Cubana’s IL-62 are still remembered in Barajas for its noise and the cloud of smoke that left the plane behind when he left for Havana. The plane that is used as the North Korean presidential device It was manufactured in 1985 and together with another unit they are part of the government VIP fleet. There are two others for passenger services, although they no longer travel abroad, since in recent years the commercial fleet has been renewed with aircraft manufactured in Russia and in Ukraine: Tupolev 204 and Antonov 148 (there is a video by Kim Jong- one at the controls of one of these) to fly to Beijing and Vladivostok, entry airports for the few tourists who enter the country each year: between 4,000 and 5,000 visitors (not Chinese) are those who land in Pyongyang. Interestingly, while in summer of 2017 Donald Trump forbade his compatriots to visit North Korea, now, in the spring of 2018 he will meet with his leader. Life goes around a lot and this is going to be really unique. Javier Ortega Figueiral – La Vanguardia.


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