What is the metaverse, the new frontier of the online world

Facebook’s goal – After the troubled period suffered by the social giant, from the blackout of all the apps to the accusations of the former employee about promoting hatred online, Mark Zuckerberg accelerates with a major investment in Europe, with a view to developing the metaverse. Nick Clegg and Javier Olivan, vice presidents of the company, have announced they want to create 10,000 new ones jobs throughout the European Union, with the aim of building the IT platform of the future.

Where does the term come from – The metaverse encompasses the whole new generation of virtual experiences using technologies such as augmented virtual reality. The term comes from an idea of ​​Neal Stephenson, who, in the novel Snow Crash, identifies this online world in which users, through their avatars, live multimedia interactive experiences. The characteristics of this reality are reminiscent of the platform Second Life, born in the early 2000s, in which users could create a “second life” in which they could be whoever they wanted.

Double life – The idea is to reinforce the feeling of “virtual presence“In this way, the experience on the web will get closer and closer to that of the real world, starting from the interactions between human subjects, who will be able to access new creative, social and economic opportunities.

A free space – Facebook is keen to clarify that the metaverse will have no owners or managers. It will be conceived as an open space and interoperable, in which companies, developers, creators and politicians can cooperate. For this the US company will invest large sums in the technological talents necessary for this growth.

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Five virtual senses – The metaverso it would therefore constitute not a separate world but a universe complementary and interconnected to the real world. It will allow people to meet in a virtual environment through advanced technologies that will transform the five senses humans into tools to enter the new world. These could include retinal displays, which would project images of virtual worlds directly onto their retinas, or tactile gloves, which would allow hand gestures as input.

The economic prospects – This futuristic version of the internet opens up not only new perspectives of life but also of market. Individuals and companies will be able to create, own, invest, sell and produce value and, therefore, profit, making the metaverse usable in numerous types of activities, from social to economic.