What is the risk of getting Covid depending on the situation to which you are exposed?

The coronavirus circulates again at high speed in Seville, with numbers of infections and hospital occupancy in continuous growth although, according to the health authorities, without yet being able to describe the current situation as a new wave.

What is behind this trend? The experts consulted maintain that the removal of the mandatory mask in the interior spaces, coinciding with the crowds during the Feria in the capital, and, previously, with Holy Week, are some of the factors that have led to the increase in infections, together with the fact that the population has relaxed and trusted thinking that the pandemic had been overcome when, really, it is not so, since the Omicron variant it continues to be the predominant one and is characterized by being highly transmissible.

Covid contagion danger level

But, How to know where and when there is more (or less) risk of getting infected? To find out, it is very useful to remember the table that the Ministry of Health already collected in November 2020 in its document on Evaluation of the risk of transmission of SARS-Cov-2 through aerosols. Prevention measures and recommendations in which a qualitative risk categorization of aerosol transmission in different scenarios, depending on the type of stay, the number of people gathered, the use or not of a mask (without specifying type) and the activities carried out in the meeting, and which once again becomes especially relevant with the lifting of all restrictive measures.

As can be seen below these lines, the graph shows four possibles scenarios with and without mask and a lot of contact time or little. And, in turn, uses three specific actions: silently, talking or yelling and singing; and three locations: outside, inside well ventilated and inside poorly ventilated.

Also, it indicates the level of risk due to the volume of people and group activities, distinguishing between low and high occupancy. The risk levels they are grouped by color, with green being the lowest, yellow being the middle, and red being the highest.