what is the value of the Briatore restaurant

It is a 2022 full of conflicting emotions what he is experiencing Flavio Briatorea world-famous entrepreneur, always much talked about due to the alternating fortunes that have characterized his fifty-year anniversary career in business. A year in which, according to what he declared, he is going through periods of intense happiness (such as the one following the acquittal in the process that saw him accused of tax evasion), however, interspersed with somewhat unpleasant episodes especially related to the workplace.

The latest in chronological order happened a few days ago, when the wave of bad weather which has invested the northern coastal areas of Tuscany has literally devastated his seaside resort of Marina di Pietrasanta: we are talking about the Giraffelocal symbol of the nightlife of Versiliapurchased over 20 years ago and managed together with Daniela Santanchèfor years known face of Come on Italy and today a leading exponent of Brothers of Italy. It quickly became an international luxury brand, the Twiga Beach Club has several other offices around the world, including those of London e you Montecarlo.

Briatore’s outburst against social haters: the report of the damage suffered at Twiga

As told by Briatore himself in a short video that appeared on his social pages, the air horn that has targeted the beaches of the Tuscan establishment “has sent to the air a work of months and months“, Overturning dozens of tents set up for bathers and imposing the closed to the public for several days. “Today we reopen, in spite of the losers who rejoiced for the damage suffered by the Twiga“: This is the poisonous comment of the entrepreneur, who then addressed words of closeness and support” to the many owners of bathrooms who in recent days have found themselves in the same situation as me “.

The restaurant has already reopened its doors to many Italian and foreign tourists who literally invaded the Tyrrhenian coasts during the days of August, deciding to spend the summer holidays between the beauty of the sea and the many comforts guaranteed by the establishment: among these also a Italian-Japanese restaurant and a broad cocktail bar with a lot of private room for the most demanding customers. But how much is the Twiga Beach Club di Marina di Pietrasanta and how much do the illustrious owners earn through its management?

How much is Twiga worth and how much Briatore earns to manage it

To understand this, it is first of all necessary to know how the regulation concerning the bathing concessions. Unlike what happens for example in France – where the authorizations for the occupation of the beaches are renewed from year to year – in our country the permits are granted by the government with multi-year duration. A significant benefit for those who obtain them, with the managers of the bathrooms who in this way have the possibility of planning expenses and investments always thinking in the long term and not with the urgency of having to show the state the balance sheets in surplus every twelve months.

In this specific case, the last executive to have extended the bathing concessions was the first led by Giuseppe Contewhich renewed the authorizations in 2019 for 15 yearsor until 2034. The expense that a manager must incur every year in order to operate on the assigned beach is equivalent to just over 17.600 euro. But the proceeds are almost always much higher and this is particularly true if we analyze the Twiga income. The latest data available dates back to 2019 and shows how Briatore and Santanchè have earned about 4 million euros from the annual management of their establishment. Calculator in hand, we’re talking about a value 227 times greater compared to the investment made.