what is within our reach to preserve mental and physical health

He stress chronic is the disease of our time? Everything points to yes: we are deprived of mental and physical health, which means a reduction in the quality of life. But, in addition, science has found that it accelerates aging, that it can generate chronic diseases and shorten our life expectancy. Is it because we’re going on autopilot?

“We need a pause,” says the Italian Daniel Lumerainternationally recognized expert in well-being sciences and quality of life, considered a “spiritual guide”. What almost no one doubts is that “our lifestyle, our behaviors and decisions affect our health”, both for better and for worse, as the American assures Immaculate of Livingscientist at Harvard Medical School, specialist in the study and explanation of the biological clock, professor of Epidemiology and one of the world’s leading experts in cancer genetics research.

This episode of the weekly conversation with both, co-authors of Biology of Kindness (Editorial Diana), about the medicines and health resources that, although we do not consider them as such, we have within our reach. And no, it’s not about food and physical exercise: ridiculous as it may seem, it’s about training our “spiritual muscles” and investing in our well-being from the root of the problem.

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