What kind of dangerous diseases can strong night sweats talk about?


Doctors say that if a person’s quiet sleep is disturbed by sweating, then you need to contact a specialist. Especially in the case when it is not connected with obvious reasons – hot weather or a cold.

Why does a person sweat?

Hormones that are responsible for metabolism can fail, writes the "Forum". If disturbances occur in some areas, then sweat is released more strongly.

Problems with the nervous system. Many people who have problems with the psycho-emotional sphere usually control their condition during the day. But at night, all problems go outside, and the body begins to respond in various ways, including later.

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The presence of infection in the body. Increased sweating may be associated with any viral or bacterial infections, such as tuberculosis, flu, tetanus, or HIV. The body tries in a similar way to get rid of pathogens.

Severe disorders in the body. If a person has excessive sweating regularly and has no reason, it is necessary to clarify the reason with the doctor. In some cases, this may be a sign of a severe malfunction in the metabolism or the development of autoimmune, mental illness, as well as oncology.

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