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What kind of "Trojan horse" from cancer invented by scientists? | Science | Society

Scientists from the Cancer Research Institute (UK) have developed a new drug against six types of tumors. This intravenous drug was invented through a junction of chemotherapy and immunotherapy. It is able to penetrate inside the cancer cell and destroy it from the inside. The drug has already passed clinical trials, it was tested on 150 terminally ill patients. The results were so impressive that even before publications in scientific journals, scientists began the second stage with a large number of patients.

The basis of the new therapy is the principle of the "Trojan horse". The active ingredient of a new drug is masked by an antibody that attaches to a specific protein, which is found in large quantities on the surface of cancer cells. Thanks to this molecule is sucked into the tumor. There, the drug is released and destroys the cancer cell from the inside.

Tests have shown that the new therapy is especially effective in patients with cancer of the cervix and bladder (it helped 25% of patients). Good results have been observed in patients with cancer of the lung, esophagus, uterus and ovaries. Now doctors are studying the effect of a new drug in the fight against cancer of the intestines, pancreas, larynx and brain. According to scientists, the therapy will become publicly available in the next five years, if, of course, further tests confirm the initial results.

As says AIF geneticist Elena Okuneva, celebrating a victory over cancer ahead of time is definitely not worth it. At a minimum, you need to wait for more complete research results. “Of course, the main breakthrough in the fight against cancer is expected from the pharmacology side. Worldwide research is underway to create a molecule or group of molecules that can defeat cancer. Already today it is clear that this will be a complex therapy. Although some forms of cancer are practically not treatable, even those drugs that are in the arsenal of doctors today can significantly prolong the lives of patients (on average – by 10-15 years, 10-20 years ago it was impossible to even dream about this). Drugs that are being tested today are able to push this line even further.

As for the "Trojan horse", then you need to wait for the results of the second stage of clinical trials. Mass trials involving hundreds or thousands of patients may reveal a different result and other effects that have gone unnoticed on a limited number of patients. ”



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