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What Marvel wants you to forget about the Avengers

Around the New Millenium, Marvel launches its Ultimate banner, a modern reboot of all its classic characters in a parallel universe. At its best, we got things like Ultimate Spider-Man, a series with solid writing and exciting reimaginings of the heroes and villains that fans had loved for decades. At its worst, we got ultimatum,

You know what? Break for a second. It's not fair to call ultimatum the worst part of the Ultimate comics line. ultimatum what the worst part of anything at all. ultimatum what's worse than scurvy.

If you're not familiar, ultimatum what a big fat crossover event branching from Mark Millar's perpetually gritty reboot of the Avengers, helpfully called The Ultimates since there were not enough Ulti-words in the last two paragraphs already. It's written by Jeph Loeb, the mind behind classics like Batman: The Long Halloween and Superman For All Seasons, and it had comic fans saying, "How was this written by Jeph Loeb?"

Look, everyone loves a grim reimagining and fun is fun, but this series went off the rails. The Wasp? She gets her intestines eaten out of her torso by the blob on panel, Hank Pym, presumably enraged that. Pym later explodes, Doctor Strange's head blows up, and Thor martyrs himself up good. So, Manhattan drowns.


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