What movies to watch this Halloween weekend after HBO Max arrives

The HBO Max landing has rocked the streaming world in Spain and it’s time to take advantage of the platform.

We’ve been waiting for a few months for HBO to turn into HBO Max and earlier this week it finally happened. The big platform that raises the stakes in terms of film premieres and the series fund is available in our country and above with amazing offer forever.

But after so much reading about it, some aspects might have been overlooked, like the fact that it will premiere. WarnerMedia films approximately 45 days after their theatrical release or his definitive bet on 4K, one of the great demands that existed with HBO.

While during those early days there were some issues transitioning between platforms, there are already plenty of movies to choose from and we’re going to recommend a few for you for Halloween.

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10 years after the original French film hit viewers with its intense gore, this was filmed. redo that repeats an approach that will give a lot of people a hard time, although in a more decaffeinated way.

The principle is simple: pregnant woman about to give birth is visited by another woman who wants something from her, something that is beyond anything you can imagine. Inside is a minor film, but you might be interested in visiting if you don’t have access to the original.

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Warren File Saga

You surely already know the films of what in Spain has been called the Warren File saga, or The Conjuring, but they hold another viewing perfectly, and more if it’s a night like Halloween.

These films were an instant classic in horror films. In them, the duo of investigators is confronted with a series of paranormal events that frighten several families. Very American everything, yeah, but when horror films are well made … you have to appreciate them.

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10, rue Cloverfield

This horror, or suspense, film has given rise to much debate, but its formula is as simple as it is effective. Woman wakes up in underground bunker after crashing. They tell him that a chemical disaster has happened outside and that he has to stay inside with two other people, but is that true?

Suspense and intrigue until the last minutes they mix in this film released in 2016 but still working. If you want to know what’s really going on, you have to see it.