What needs to be done in the station district

Ggood evening,

it is interesting how long it took until the largest opposition party in Frankfurt, literally tackles the issue of the station district that is lying on the street: With additional offers of help, but also the use of security forces, the CDU parliamentary group wants to take action against the conditions in the station district. She submitted an application with 13 points. She calls for the establishment of a health and social center that, in addition to a hygiene center that has been planned for some time, will ensure basic medical and psychiatric care for drug addicts and psychosocial care. Because offerings alone are not enough, the CDU is taking Zurich as an example. A unit made up of social workers, psychological and addiction therapy staff, city police and law enforcement officers, which can be recognized by their clothing, should do outreach social work and point out uncomplicated support offersbut also practice “consistent conflict management in public space”.

Student life: David Falk says that he used to be able to afford to go out to eat once in a while. “Now I’m considering whether I wouldn’t rather heat instead. Or when I make food, do I pre-cook it for several days.” The 23-year-old is in his seventh semester studying industrial engineering at the Technical University (TU) Darmstadt. Times are not only difficult for him personally, his university is also in dire straits. Together with his twin brother, he came to the protest of the students and employees of the university on Thursday. The demonstrators do not have a central demand, they see a whole range of problems: the cost of living is too high, BAföG too low and wages too low, the often temporary contracts in academic work and last but not least the concern that the university could return to online teaching to save energy. Especially the latter would be a disaster.

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Fully occupied: The Frankfurt Regional Court expects to be dependent on external courtrooms from 2023 onwards in order to be able to process the bulk of the pending proceedings. As Court President Wilhelm Wolf said at the annual meeting on Thursday, this is due to the fact that many procedures are becoming more and more complex. Especially in criminal proceedings related to crypto mobile phones, sometimes ten or twelve defendants have to be tried at the same time. This not only entails enormous effort for the criminal courts, which is not comparable to that of “normal” proceedings, but also increases the total number of participants to such an extent that the courtrooms available up to now are no longer sufficient.

And also the AfD wants its Frankfurt district chairman and city councilor Andreas Lobenstein as a candidate for the mayoral election on March 5th next year +++ investigators from the Hessian State Criminal Police Office arrested two men after whom previously wanted under an international arrest warrant +++ a Ukrainian family found accommodation in a small hotel room near Frankfurt with their child, who was suffering from a terminal illness. In everyday life you have to improvise, and many people help.