What neoinsurers offer in terms of home, car or health insurance

Start-ups allow rapid management of a 100% online contract, from subscription to compensation for claims. But above all, they rely on innovative services in a sector that has remained dusty.

They are called Acheel, Alan, Leocare or even Luko. These start-ups, called “neoinsurers” or “assurtech”, are banking on new technologies to find a place for themselves in the world of insurance. Their promise: to simplify as much as possible the procedures to insure their goods as accurately as possible. Of French origin for the most part, foreign for some (Lemonade, Friday), they cover housing, cars, animals, smartphones and even mortgage loans. Unlike traditional companies, which mainly rely on physical networks to distribute their products, these new players make it possible to purchase insurance online or via a mobile application. “It is the same phenomenon as the neobanks (see Neobanques: 6 good reasons to open an account), a few years apart,” notes Sabine Gräfe, director of studies at Xerfi. But they also rely on artificial intelligence to develop

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