What NOT to eat to ward off mosquitoes: here is the study

Mosquitoes, like other annoying insects, are the negative side of what is called the “good season” with its beautiful and long days. Mosquitoes do not bite for food, much less for entertainment. The blood is needed for them to reproduce, allowing them to complete the development of the eggs. First of all, a clarification: mosquitoes do not bite but suck.

In fact, they are not equipped with a sting but with a very thin proboscis that they pass through the skin until they reach the blood vessels. A mosquito can suck 0.001 to 0.01 milliliters of blood per puncture. It has been estimated that a person can be bled from around one million mosquito bites.

The mosquito can transmit many diseases but the amount of blood is low for the transmission of AIDS. The itching and the blister generated by the bites are due to the saliva that these insects put in before the collection. The saliva of mosquitoes has an anesthetic, anticoagulant and vasodilator power. When a mosquito is full, the suction process is suspended by a specific chemical receptor. In the laboratory an attempt was made to deactivate this receptor: the mosquitoes resumed sucking up blood until they exploded.

What NOT to eat to ward off mosquitoes: here is the study

If you do not wish to be the most sought after prey by mosquitoes you should avoid the following foods: Beer and alcohol in general. Of course, in summer for many it is not a simple renunciation, especially in the evening and in company. A French study showed that after drinking beer the likelihood of being bitten increases, however the explanations are not clear.

It seems that the most reliable reason is the increase in body temperature caused by alcohol. Therefore, beer, wine, cocktails, spirits but also potatoes, avocados and other foods rich in potassium are banned. Potassium in fact, even if in the hot months it is good for replenishing the salts lost with sweat, increases the production of lactic acid which is then released by the body by attracting mosquitoes. Finally, foods rich in cholesterol.

It seems that these foods, which are clearly harmful to health, also make us more welcome to mosquitoes. This is why, in line with the dictates of a healthy diet, in the summer it is better to go on a mainly vegetable diet, with fish and, if you like, white meats.