What people cannot collect Unemployment Insurance?

He Unemployment insurance It is a benefit that everyone possesses. workers affiliated with AFC ChileThanks, this is it. people who are out of workwhether by resignation or dismissal, they can collect that money to support themselves.

What people cannot collect Unemployment Insurance?

The workers and workers who they cannot collect Unemployment Insurance belong to:

  • Public employees.
  • Officials of the Armed Forces and Order Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Carabineros).
  • Independent or self-employed workers.
  • Workers under 18 years of age.
  • Pensioners (with the exception of pensioners due to partial disability).
  • Workers with an apprenticeship contract (who are carrying out their professional practice).

What are the requirements to collect Unemployment Insurance?

The employees who yes they can collect this insurance are those who meet the following requirements:

  • Being unemployed, a condition that must be accredited by means of the settlement, the dismissal letter, the resignation letter, the certificate of appearance before the Labor Inspection, a certificate from the Labor Inspection or a judicial sentence, as appropriate.
  • For an indefinite contract or a private home worker: have at least 12 continuous or discontinuous contributions before the end of the employment relationship, with one or more employers.
  • For a fixed-term contract, specific work or service: 6 continuous or discontinuous contributions, with one or more employers.
  • The contributions are counted from the last period in which the affiliate had access to the benefit or, if it is his first request, from his affiliation to the insurance, until the month of termination of the employment relationship.

How to know how much balance I have in my Unemployment Insurance?

To know the balance of your Unemployment insuranceyou must enter the virtual branch of the AFC (HERE) and log in with your Clave Única or Clave AFC.

Once inside, you can check the amount of accumulated money you have.