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Transition to remote work

Some regions recommended or demanded to transfer some employees to remote work. Priority is given to older employees and those with chronic diseases. The exception is workers whose presence in the workplace is critical. Such measures were introduced:

  • Sverdlovsk region,
  • Tula region,
  • Rostov region,
  • Ryazan Oblast,
  • Bashkiria (for pregnant employees),
  • Kursk region,
  • Mordovia,
  • Saratov region,
  • Chelyabinsk region,
  • Volgograd region,
  • Khabarovsk Territory (remote mode for older employees),
  • Mari El,
  • Voronezh region (remote site for older employees),
  • Lipetsk region,
  • Perm Territory,
  • Buryatia,
  • Novgorod region (for older employees),
  • Arhangelsk region,
  • Vologodskaya Oblast,
  • Ulyanovsk region (remote site for 30% of employees),
  • Sevastopol. 1

Restriction on holding mass events

In many regions, the holding of mass events was limited. There are also requirements for events that are organized by citizens themselves (for example, family celebrations). Most often, a ban or restriction on the number of participants still applies to public spaces and events.

  • Moscow region,
  • St. Petersburg (ban on indoor activities for children),
  • Krasnodar region,
  • Tula region,
  • Rostov region, Full list …
  • Ryazan Oblast,
  • Bashkiria,
  • Kursk region (the authorities announced a ban on mass events in cultural institutions, it will take effect in the coming days),
  • Krasnoyarsk region,
  • Mordovia,
  • Chelyabinsk region,
  • Orenburg region (a ban on holding family events at the place of residence with the presence of more than ten people),
  • Mari El,
  • Voronezh region,
  • Lipetsk region,
  • Ulyanovsk region,
  • Komi,
  • Perm Territory,
  • Kaliningrad region,
  • Arhangelsk region,
  • Zabaykalsky Krai,
  • Jewish Autonomous Region,
  • Sevastopol,
  • Ryazan Oblast,
  • Adygea,
  • Kurgan region. 1

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the regions of Russia

Number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: Federal and regional headquarters for the fight against the virus

Data for Russia i

Restrictions on the work of catering and entertainment establishments

After the severe restrictions of the first wave, many regions are looking for “hybrid” ways of restricting food and services, which would allow not to close the establishments.

  • Moscow (introduced the practice of registration when visiting establishments that work at night),
  • Moscow region (ban on the operation of entertainment establishments at night),
  • St. Petersburg (private zoos, nightclubs, children’s entertainment centers are closed).
  • Murmansk region (limitation of hours of catering establishments – until 23:00),
  • Tula region (entertainment establishments and catering should not work at night), Full list …
  • Rostov Region (ban on catering after 22:00),
  • Ryazan Oblast,
  • Vladimir region,
  • Chuvashia (banquet service suspended),
  • Krasnoyarsk Territory (nightclubs and discos are closed, from 23:00 to 07:00 catering organizations will be able to work only takeaway),
  • Mordovia (ban on catering at night),
  • Orenburg region (ban on night-time service, children’s rooms and sports equipment rental offices),
  • Voronezh region (temporarily suspended the activities of entertainment centers, nightclubs and food courts),
  • KhMAO (restriction on the operation of entertainment and leisure facilities, children’s playrooms),
  • Perm Territory,
  • Kaliningrad region,
  • Arhangelsk region,
  • Zabaykalsky Krai,
  • Kamchatka Krai,
  • Kostroma region (the activities of nightclubs and discos are suspended),
  • Magadan Region,
  • Chukotka,
  • Novosibirsk region (catering and nightclubs are closed from midnight to 8:00),
  • Volgograd Region (catering closes after 23:00, corporate events and public events are prohibited in establishments),
  • Ulyanovsk region (ban on work from 7:00 to 22:00),
  • Amur Region (the work of dance floors, karaoke is prohibited, the use of hookahs is prohibited, the temperature control for visitors is mandatory),
  • Bryansk region, 1

Other restrictions

Some regions have announced early holidays for schoolchildren. This was done, for example, by the authorities of the Nizhny Novgorod, Vologda, Kurgan and Sakhalin regions, as well as Bashkiria and Udmurtia. In Moscow, after the holidays, they decided to return only elementary school students to schools.


In the Trans-Baikal Territory, all schools are being transferred to distance learning.

In the Rostov and Tyumen regions, the provision of routine medical care was temporarily suspended.

At the entrance to the Oryol region, registration and barrage posts were again opened.

In Yakutia, mandatory observation and testing for the presence of the virus have been introduced for shift workers.

In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, registry offices will begin to accept people only by appointment.



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