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Singer Heidi Janků celebrated her 59th birthday on Tuesday, but she doesn’t make a heavy head of the general on magic logs. “I won’t celebrate that until next year, because I sing at the age of 60. When I start dancing and get applauded and paid for it, I consider it a miracle,” said a widow who lost her husband four years ago. But he has no reason to look for a replacement.

Heidi Janků: As she celebrated

“I celebrated my birthday by shopping for presents, then I had lunch and went for a long walk with my bodyguard, Eda,” he says. Heidi Janků in an interview for eXtra.cz of his dog.

“I am not afraid of the numbers that await me next year. What am I going to do about it? It escapes us all the same. It was better, it won’t be (Laughs). Somehow I don’t deal with it. As long as health, legs, vocal cords serve me, I don’t worry about age. I have a lot of young people around me and I think that also plays a role. It is important not to grow old mentally, “he believes.

After all, there will be some smaller celebration this year as well.

“We will have a little party with our group of girls on Saturday. We have a workshop we’ll make Advent wreaths and we’ll probably have a drink for my health. Another group of friends will come on Sunday and I promised the third celebration to our neighbors, who would like to see my half-renovated house, “the singer looks forward to the festivities.

He celebrates his 60th birthday with gratitude for the hit about chaning

“But I’ll probably celebrate it in a bigger year in a year. Maybe I’ll combine it with some work, but I’ll find time for it because who would have guessed that at sixty I’d still run around the stage and sing When I Get Started? ”Heidi Janků laughed at the entire round.

“It’s my megahit. People want to hear it, they even applaud me and, in addition, I get paid by the organizers. What else could you wish for? I also have a few other fairly famous songs, though if I didn’t have this song that everyone knows, the question is, would I still be on stage today stooda, “Says the singer modestly.

The role of the widow: I enjoy freedom

Heidi Janků has been a widow for four years, her husband and manager Ivo Pavlík (ex-husband of Věra Špinarová) died in 2017. Yet she is still alone.

“Nobody replaced Ivoš. Looking for nobody. If anyone finds me, we’ll see, but I’m not breaking my knee. I’m fine now. I don’t miss. I’m happy too. I have a lot of acquaintances around me, friends, friends who won’t leave me alone. And I have a big family that takes care of me, “he says.

But it’s not really just an excuse, and Heidi really isn’t really lonely and unhappy. In fact, life without a man suits her quite well.

“Everyone asked me if I started renovating the house for someone, but no, really just for myself. I can’t even honestly imagine that I have anyone in that house. Never say never, but I don’t bother. I’m not poor. Now I enjoy my freedom. Now that I decide to go to a bar with a friend, I just go and don’t solve anything. I didn’t know that before, “he admits openly.

The first year after my husband’s death, I didn’t know how to deal with a lot of things. I still had Ivoš behind my back and I knew I could talk to him about everything. A nand suddenly I was left alone for everything. But I’m used to it. It is said that the greatest grief will subside after three years, and it is true. Today I am a separate unit. I vent the heating, add water to the boiler… I really don’t need a housekeeper for the house, ”the birthday girl laughs.