What should I know when buying a new cell phone?

Buying a smartphone is an important task, but many people can find it tedious, as sometimes they speak of terms that are not known or in some cases ‘terms that they have never heard before’.

A good technique when purchasing a smartphone is to set your priorities. This way, you will be able to know what you want and what you don’t.

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This is a compilation of five tips that you should follow when shopping for a smartphone. So you can choose the most suitable device according to your priorities.

5 tips to follow when shopping for a smartphone

  • No compare iPhone con Android: Many people fall into this dilemma before buying a phone, as they tend to confuse the advantages offered by both devices. One way to look at it is that iPhone devices are about simplicity and privacy, while Android is more about control and choice. For example: Android devices give you the ability to choose between customizable factors and different price points.
  • Set Priorities: Before buying a smartphone, think about your priorities, because these are your needs, and therefore you should not skip them. When choosing, ask yourself if the device you’re buying adds value to your work or everyday life. Remember that if you are not clear about your priorities, you will end up choosing the wrong phone.
  • Don’t get carried away by ‘the most expensive is the best’: When choosing a phone, check its processing, if it allows you to use multiple applications, the quality of your photos and other aspects that can add value depending on what you are looking for. Sometimes high-end phones don’t necessarily satisfy everyone. You can get good performance even with mid-range phones.
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  • Choose the right time to make your purchase: Although brands launch new equipment throughout the year, there is a right time to buy them. For example: If you know that a brand will launch a new device in September, buying in the months of July and August is a bad decision, since a new model will arrive soon and existing models will be discontinued or sold at a discounted price. Now, if you want an older model from that brand, the ideal time to buy it is after the new release. Another option is to buy phones during the holidays and at the end of the year, since at that time the manufacturers offer discounts.
  • Consider how long the phone will last: Software updates are a factor to consider when buying a new smartphone. If you plan to keep your phone for 4 or 5 years, consider a phone or brand that promises to provide OS-level updates and monthly security patches for years. Therefore, choose a brand that is consistent with software updates.