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What Spanish influencers charge for each Instagram post

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Brands make agreements with ‘influencers’, and the rates can vary considerably depending on each circumstance. However, there is something that is common in almost all cases: those who have a high degree of ‘engagement’ and, in turn, a large number of followers, as explained from Influencer Marketing Hub. This portal has a tool that calculates the cache of each celebrity.

Maria Pombo, which has already reached the barrier of two million followers on Instagram, has a participation rate of almost 8% and an average of 162,000 ‘likes’ per publication. The also Madrid designer would charge between 3,450 and 5,750 euros for each promotional photo.

Paula Echevarría She combines her acting jobs with her advertising commitments, but she also gets a lot out of her Instagram (has already reached 3.5 million followers). Your income per ‘post’ would be between 6,000 and 10,000 euros.

Aida Domenech, better known as Dulceida, has its own music festival (Dulce Weekend), an influencer agency and 2.9 million followers on Instagram. So it was to be expected that she was one of the top earners from her promotional posts. Their rates range between 4,930 and 8,220 euros per message.

Paula Gonu He acknowledged to his two million followers that there are months that he has earned more than 20,000 euros. And it is not for less because the also ‘youtuber‘receives between 3,512 and 5,854 euros per publication.

Rocío OsornoAccording to the aforementioned ‘influencers’ portal, it would be charging between 2,300 and 3,830 for paid Instagram collaboration. The Sevillian designer (she started creating her own designs at age 16) shares publications with 1.3 million ‘followers’.

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One million followers with a participation rate of 4.3% and an average of ‘likes’ that is around 40,000 on average per ‘post’ explain the success of Marta Lozano. Your earnings per post? Between 2,300 and 3,845 euros.

Laura Escanes (1.6 million followers as of July 19) has one of the highest engagement rates (4.7%) and can boast of receiving an average of 75,000 likes per ‘posts’. Your income would oscillate between 2,700 and 4,510 euros per photo.

Finally, Jessica Goicoechea (1.5 million ‘followers’) not only triumphs with her tiny bikini brand (GOI), but also when she agrees to promote a product on her Instagram with generous benefits. And it is that at least you can charge 2,570 euros per publication.


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