What special rights do long-established tenants have?

And then nobody has any privileges, even if they have placed their garden furniture there for years. The dry floor is not usually the personal useable area of ​​individual tenants and nobody has the right to use such common areas at certain times or particularly often. The landlord can of course leave it up to the tenants to agree on the times of use, but if this doesn’t happen, he has to intervene.

If necessary, the landlord must make a plan as to when and who may use the laundry room or dry storage.

RA Thomas Piester, tenancy law expert, German Bar Association

After all, all tenants are entitled to the contractual right of use of these areas and this cannot be undermined by individual tenants spreading themselves particularly wide. And setting any closing times for the front door is also not at the discretion of the site elder.

The constant dispute: locking the front door

The “laws” of an apartment building are often unwritten or emblazoned on the front door: “The front door must be locked from 10 p.m.!” It’s best to be sure twice. In this case, however, it is firstly stupid and secondly illegal.

Locking the front door is not permitted at all, for fire safety reasons.

RA Thomas Piester, tenancy law expert, German Bar Association

The argument is obvious. In the event of a fire, affected tenants regularly end up on the street in their nightgowns. There was simply no more time to grab anything. Neither is a key. That is why courts have repeatedly ruled in favor of those who insisted that the front door can always be opened, at least from the inside.

Incidentally, this can also be done with special technology. So-called panic devices let the residents in Notfall out and in without any conclusions Normaldon’t fall for anyone that easily.