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what the future health law contains

The Minister of Solidarity and Health, Agnès Buzyn, presents Wednesday, February 13, his health bill in Cabinet. Here are the main measures.

  • The end of the numerus clausus

The numerus clausus and the chopper competition limiting the number of students admitted to the second year of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and midwifery will be eliminated at the start of the school year 2020.

The number of students in second or third year will be determined by the universities, in conjunction with the regional health agencies (ARS), according to their capabilities and the needs of the territory.

Goal : "Increase by 20%" about the number of doctors trained, according to Agnès Buzyn, while diversifying their profile, thanks to bridges between the curricula and selection criteria that remain to be specified by decree.

The "Classifying events" at the end of the sixth year of medicine will also disappear in favor of new exams.

Finally, ordinances will define the conditions of a "Recertification" regular practicing physicians, to check that their skills are up to date.

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  • "Local hospitals" labels

The bill empowers the government to revise the hospital card by prescription.

It will be on the one hand to label between five hundred and six hundred "Local hospitals" refocused on general medicine, geriatrics and rehabilitation, but without surgery or maternity; on the other hand to modify the rules of authorization of the activities of care (surgery, maternity, emergencies …) and equipment.

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  • Promote the team work of the Liberals

The government has promised the deployment and funding of a thousand territorial professional health communities by 2022, to promote the teamwork of liberal health professionals including the provision of consultations without appointments, to relieve the hospital.

Negotiations are underway between Medicare and the Liberal doctors' unions. But the bill empowers the government to legislate by orders, Agnès Buzyn does not exclude to go through the law in case of failure of the discussions.

  • A unique status as a hospital practitioner

Measures are planned to facilitate the early career of doctors, make the hospital more "Attractive" and improve access to care.

The assistant medical device, which allows an intern to assist a doctor in case of seasonal influx in tourist areas, will be extended to areas lacking doctors.

On the side of health facilities, a single hospital practitioner status will be created by ordinances and the related competition removed, to make the joint exercise (in liberal and in the hospital) easier.

  • The recruitment of foreign professionals facilitated

Essential to the operation of many public hospitals, but theoretically prohibited from practice, some doctors, pharmacists, dentists and midwives graduates outside the European Union (Padhue) will be able to see their situation regularized by the end of 2021 after study of their file.

The "Recruitment arrangements" Padhue who "Will exercise in the future in France" will be renovated.

  • A platform for health data created

A "Health data platform" will replace the current National Institute of Health Data.

Access to these data (1.2 billion sheets of care per year, 500 million medical procedures, 11 million hospitalizations …) will be expanded, and their scope extended to clinical data collected for example by the liberal doctors.

The government thus intends "Multiply the possibilities of exploitation" this information, in particular for research or "Development of artificial intelligence methods", promising to "Maintain a high level of privacy protection".

  • A digital space for patients

All patients will be able to open their own digital health area by 1st January 2022 to access in particular their shared medical file (a kind of health record), to "Applications" or some "Referenced health information".

  • Telehealth in pharmacists and medical auxiliaries

Telemedicine will soon have its counterpart among pharmacists and medical assistants with the "Télésoin", which could for example concern "The support of the nurses side effects of oral chemotherapy, or speech therapy and distance orthoptic sessions".

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