“What the heck?” – the Russians were outraged by the price of the iPhone 13 at the “new rate” of the ruble –

In Russia, at the official exchange rate, the cost of the iPhone 13pro in dollar terms jumped to $3,000.

In Russia, prices for electronics jumped to a record high after the start of the invasion of the Russian army into the territory of Ukraine. Russian users complain that prices continue to rise despite the depreciation of the dollar against the ruble.

Russian blogger Ivan Bobrov on his page on the social network Twitter writes that at the official rate, the cost of the new iPhone 13pro in dollar terms jumped to $ 3,000.

He called the statement of the Russian authorities about a strong ruble propaganda that has nothing to do with reality.

“To all those who are spreading propaganda bullshit about the “strong ruble”. Please tell me why the hell I have to spend the equivalent of $ 3000 to buy an iPhone 13pro (256). Wake up people and stop spreading this bullshit “, – the user writes.

He also notes that he is pessimistic about the situation on the market, pointing out that the Russian authorities have serious problems with an attempt to stabilize the exchange rate.

“I’m pessimistic about what’s going on. They seem to be in trouble and they really don’t know how to stabilize exchange rates. Yesterday’s decline in the amount of profit that exporters have to sell from 80% to 50% literally didn’t affect anything,” – notes the author.

As of May 24, the price of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB smartphone has increased to 179,990 rubles, which is equivalent to almost $3,200.

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Earlier it was reported that the ruble continues to grow in Russia, worsening the severe crisis of the already weakened Russian economy.


Author: Mark Voroshilov