what the municipal debt of Salamanca costs each Salamanca citizen


Felix Oliva López | @FelixOtwitts

The debt of the Salamanca City Council, 365 euros per inhabitant, comes out for less than what a coffee a day costs.

365 euros per inhabitant, on average. This is the debt that each Salamanca ‘pays’ for what the Salamanca City Council owes according to the latest data from the Ministry of Finance, a figure that places the municipality in the ‘quieter’ area of ​​this statistic that indicates the municipalities that most they load the ‘red numbers’ of the public accounts on their citizens.

According to the Treasury data, the capital most indebted per capita is Jaén, which exceeds 4,000 euros per inhabitant; on the opposite side, Vigo, which has a debt that would be paid with less than the cost of a loaf of bread: 0.38 cents per inhabitant.

The Salamanca City Council debt is higher, but it is among the most manageable. In fact, those 365 euros per inhabitant are one euro a day at the end of the year, less than what it costs to have a coffee right now.



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