What time of day do you brush your teeth? That is why you have probably always made a mistake, putting your health at risk

Oral hygiene: forget everything you think you know. Here’s when is the best time to brush your teeth

There are habits in life that we learned as children. Maybe our parents or our educators taught them to us. For example, what time of day do you brush your teeth? It is most likely the wrong one. Here’s everything you need to know.

The best time to brush your teeth – grenade

Body hygiene is always important. The oral one is even more so. Wash correctly and frequently i teeth, in fact, it is not just a question of aesthetic decorum. But it’s also a health issue.

In fact, poor oral hygiene can cause quite a few problems. From caries to much more serious problems. For this reason, therefore, it is also correct to use dental floss, to prevent food and residues from remaining between one tooth and another.

Not to mention, then, that, with dental problems, important economic expenses also begin, given that, as we all know, visits to the dentist (besides not being particularly pleasant) are not exactly the cheapest thing in the world…

When to brush your teeth

And, then, it’s good to know not only how and when to brush your teeth. But also when to do it during the day. Each of us has had habits, basically imparted by the family. But habits are not always the right and correct ones. Here, then, is the time of day when it is best to brush your teeth.

That’s when teeth should be brushed photo: Ansa – ilgranata

Many do it as soon as they wake up, even before having had a coffee or breakfast. A good (actually, excellent) habit is to do it before going to bed, so that the mouth can remain clean for several hours. But there is a but…

We’ve always thought it was essential and healthy to brush your teeth immediately after eating. This is only partially true. So, be careful if you intend to go to sleep shortly after you finish eating. First, you may have digestive problems and reflux. But, not only that, while brushing your teeth, you may still not have done the right thing.

Because it is true that After meals, teeth should be brushedto prevent food and residues from settling in our mouth. But you don’t have to do it right away. Right after eating is wrong. Indeed, we have to wait at least thirty minutes after the end of the mealbecause as soon as you finish eating, the ph of our mouth is more acid and, therefore, combined with toothpaste, can increase the risks ofdental erosion. Did you know?

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