What to do? How long contagious?

The quarantine period has been shortened, but some sick people are positive for longer. What to do if the corona test is still positive after five days.

Anyone infected with the Coronavirus is confirmed by a PCR test, must go into the isolation prescribed by the health department: not leave home and not receive visitors. According to the current regulations, this domestic isolation lasts five days. This was done on the recommendation of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) decided. Anyone who has been symptom-free for 48 hours can therefore end home isolation after five days.

However, the RKI “urgently” advises those infected to test themselves with a rapid antigen test after the five days before they end the isolation. Because the disease itself does not follow rules, of course; Many infections last longer than the prescribed quarantine. So what to do if the corona test is still positive even after ten days?

Free testing after five days: what to do if the test is positive?

Anyone who wants to take a free test after five days and has a positive test result again must remain in quarantine until the result is negative. This also applies if a test is taken on day six and it comes out positive again. The deadline for ending the quarantine is then not day five, but the day on which a negative result is finally available.

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After corona quarantine: no test obligation after isolation

Nationwide, however, there is no obligation to test yourself even after five days of isolation. No rapid antigen test or PCR test needs to be performed. This is reported by the Federal Center for Health Education, but also advises: “After isolation, you should limit meetings with others until day 14 and wear medical mouth and nose protection when in contact with others.” The test is therefore voluntary and also in the days after the quarantine, the focus is on personal responsibility.

After five days: Test still positive

At the end of the five days, you can go straight from the isolation to the café without a test – almost. This only applies if you do not need a test, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery for the café. The official proof of a survived infection with the corona virus (recovery status) must be at least 28 days ago, but may not be more than 90 days in the past, according to the RKI. Immediately after the infection you are not considered to have recovered.

If this test is positive after the infection, it may be that the game starts all over again: Then another five-day isolation would be necessary, with the possibility of a free test after five days. But here, too, there is leeway in the federal states. In North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, it says: “Should this situation arise, the test quarantine regulation of the state provides for a subsequent PCR test after a positive antigen test. If this is negative, there is no further isolation,” says the NRW Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs. If this PCR test is positive, however, quarantine is due again.

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Isolation days are counted from the day symptoms appeared. In the case of people who test positive but who do not develop any signs of illness, counting starts from the day on which the positive test was carried out.

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