What to do if you get COVID-19 before the vaccine, either in the first or second dose

What to do if you get COVID-19 before the vaccine, be it the first or second dose? Take note of the recommendations that Dr. Fernanda Hernández makes regarding these cases that you should not ignore, especially when Colombia is going through a third peak of the pandemic.

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What to do if you get COVID-19 before the vaccine, the first dose?

The fact of having been infected and, therefore, having developed natural defenses against the virus and since it is very rare that it occurs again and less so quickly in the first weeks after infection, it is recommended that these people wait 3 months for the immunization, it does not matter if the disease was asymptomatic, mild or severe, it will be protected naturally.

Even, according to Dr. María Angélica Maya, president of the Antioquia Chapter, of the Colombian Association of Infectious Diseases, “those who have had COVID-19 and received a first dose of Pfizer, are under 60 years of age and do not have comorbidities that make them at risk for COVID-19 could have a single dose with excellent protection; but if these people have had COVID, received a dose of Pfizer and are older than 60 years or have some of the pathologies that make them at greater risk of having severe COVID, they should receive their second dose “.

The expert points out that if she was infected with COVID-19, her body performs “a whole immunity process that leads them to have an immunity that occurs rapidly, which is called antibodies, but we also have an immunity of the type, where the cells are B and T; many of these cells are memory cells, which remain in the body and remain for a long time, that is, people who have already had COVID-19, many of them already know how to defend themselves from the virus for many months.

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What to do if you get COVID-19 before the vaccine, after the second dose?

“If you received the first dose of any of those that are applied in Colombia, be it Pfizer, Sinovac
or Astrazeneca, and then he contracted a COVID infection, his immunity will be equally strengthened, regardless of the vaccine that was applied and he can wait three months to receive the second dose, “says Dr. Maya.

And just to be clear: if you have respiratory symptoms, are you COVID positive or are waiting for the test result
and it is your turn to vaccinate, the recommendation is to postpone it, among other reasons, because the vaccine will no longer have time to strengthen your defenses and change the course of the infection.

What’s more, if the vaccine is going to be administered while infected “they can infect people who are waiting to be vaccinated or the vaccinators themselves or people who are around them under observation for vaccination. The second is that you can confuse the symptoms and thinking that the symptoms you are having are due to a vaccine and that it is going to improve quickly, neglects this and they are really symptoms of COVID, ”says the expert.

If you have COVID-19, don’t get vaccinated, that’s not going to cure you.

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