What to do in August 2020

In this particular summer, if on the one hand the city is half empty due to the departure of the Turinese for the summer holidays, on the other hand a good part of them have already returned or will not leave at all. So the day of August, which this year falls on a Saturday, is an excellent opportunity to spend a few hours in the city, discovering museums and exhibitions, or to take advantage of a trip out of town. And given the canicular temperatures, perhaps towards the mountains, where the events organized by the various administrations and by the Pro Loco in the hottest months, for tourists and residents, never fail.

Music and activities … even at the castle

Theatrical performances and appointments with music at the Reggia di Venaria; Treasure hunt for families at Miradolo Castle. Ferragosto concert instead, at the San Silvestro park in Chieri while the Evergreen Fest continues and ends at the Parco della Tesoriera in Turin. Music and events also at Valentino, in the large lawn, with Green Dot.

Art, museums and exhibitions

In the city the August 15th can be spent in the name of art: the Civic Museums, the Museum of the Risorgimento are open, as well as the Cinema Museum where the Cinemaddosso exhibition continues. The panoramic lift is also open on the day of August 15th at the Mole. In addition, entering Palazzo Madama on August 15th costs only 1 euro where you can visit “Precious Silver” and a dedicated guided tour is scheduled for Ferragosto. And it also costs 1 euro to visit the Museum of Oriental Art where on the 15th there is a guided tour of the China and Japan galleries. In mid-August, for a panoramic tour with a special view of the city, the Sassi-Superga tramway also remains in operation.

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Out door

Taking advantage of a trip out of town, there is the Gran Fiera di Ferragosto in Pragelato while going higher, to Colle del Sestriere, you can browse the Col di Lillà market which will last the entire weekend and is also scheduled for the Night Bianca. In Sauze d’Oulx, on the eve of Ferragosto there is the Opera, on the 15th the Street Food of Ferragosto is staged and for the more sporty there is the Tintinelli Tennis Memorial; in Fenestrelle the Ferragosto is with the 26th edition of the Book Fair; in Bardonecchia the Ferragosto is in music; in Prali there is the possibility to spend an original August 15th in the mine and in Ala di Stura there is the Night of the Lanterns.



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