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What to do to travel through Portugal and not receive a fine on your tolls


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Portugal is a country that we have near and that has really fantastic places to know, but many people back out of the nuisance that luso toll entails, especially, if you come back from vacation you find an unpleasant surprise in the mailbox.

There are still difficulties in dealing with the payment of tolls in Portugal, not only because of the possibility that someone intends to skip them on purpose, but for all those people who they do not know the payment system of the neighboring country. And more when in these electronic toll roads you can not leave, or pay in any way. To avoid this problem it is useful to know the various existing tools for face the tolls:

Green Way: The easiest is the Spanish electronic toll collection device. Spanish drivers who have Vía T electronic toll collection in their vehicles to pay without stopping in the collection booths of the Spanish toll roads, can use it on both the motorways and the Portuguese highways (always consulting your issuer in advance to verify their validity ), in this last case circulating in the Vía Verde lane.

In case of not being in your possession, you can rent the temporary device Vía Verde Visitors (6 euros during the first week and 1.5 euros for each additional week, with a refundable deposit of 27.5 euros). Consumption based on use and with 90 days of validity.

«Easytoll»: There is also the system called «Easytoll», for which you need a license plate and a bank card associated with your vehicle. Its use is simple but it requires traveling to one of the four existing cabins throughout Portugal to associate the license plate of the car with a bank card, so that each time the license plate is read by the chambers of the motorways, the toll will be charged.

At the time of accession, which will be valid for 30 days, a proof of payment will be issued, which must be kept. It will be possible to correct license plates or cancel membership through the Call Center or from the official website and you only pay for what you use. The driver, without having to leave the car, enters the bank card in the payment terminal and the system automatically associates the license plate of the vehicle with the bank card. The driver always has the possibility of altering license plates or canceling accession.

«Tollservice»: The third option is the «Tollservice», a service that works as a prepaid card for three days and is associated with an enrollment as well. The fixed cost is 20 euros and it is a prepaid title for the routes defined with origin / destination at the airports of Porto e Faro, which take place on the predefined dates. It can be found on the official Toll Service website, on the border of Vilar Formoso, in the service areas of the A24 motorway, at the Porto and Faro airports or at IKEA Matosinhos.

«Tollcard»: Finally, there is the "Tollcard", a one-year, rechargeable card. It works like the previous one but with a validity of one year and can be recharged. Each time you use it, your balance goes down. It is sold at post offices in Portugal, in service areas or on the website

Previously loaded with 5, 10, 20 or 40 euros, your activation and association to the registration must be done by sending an SMS from a mobile phone following the instructions on the card. There is the possibility of activating more than one card, with accumulation of balances for the same vehicle. The customer will also receive an SMS that will notify him when the balance is over.

What happens if you do not pay the toll

Until recently nothing happened if you were not intercepted by a car of the Republican National Guard. In that case you were immobilized by the car and you did not travel until you pay a good fine, in addition to the maximum fare of the motorway you use. But, at present, the countries share information and can send us the fine home with the amount we have tried to pay plus a surcharge and the corresponding administrative sanction. Clearly it's not worth risking not paying. This is indicated from Autocasión.

The bad thing is that many times we do not pay simply because we have become clueless and, without knowing how, we have ended up entering some exclusive electronic toll section. If this case is yours, nothing happens, you have a 24 hours to make the payment on the Toll Card website of Portugal.

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