What to expect (and what not to expect) from Ubisoft in 2023

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And finally, this is the Ubisoft game least likely to be released in 2023, or possibly at all. Which is very sad.

Original 2003 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was revealing. An exceptional game that reinvents the gameplay of all third-person action games, with an amazing time rewind mechanism and a cool 3D platformer. Sadly, no one else has had the common sense to copy it, and 20 years later we’re still stuck in a morass of action games that keep killing us, rather than letting us continue. Oh, and there was a Jake Gyllenyhaal movie to put salt in the wound.

A remake has been announced in 2020, with an ambitious release date of January 2021. Spoiler alert: It didn’t, and maybe that’s for the best, given how bad it looked in the trailer above. It was then hopefully delayed until March 21st, before they apparently admitted it looked like a PS3 game, and threw it on the road. Later that year, Ubisoft said it would appear in fiscal 2022-2023, then took it from Indian developers Ubisoft Mumbai and gave it to Ubisoft Montreal, before announcing another delay. Last May, without even guessing.

This past November, things looked even worse when Ubisoft canceled all pre-orders and refunded everyone. It could be an instructive lesson on why you shouldn’t pre-order games that don’t exist yet. editor Insist on not canceling the gameBut a new release date hasn’t yet been suggested, which means it’s not likely even in 2024.

But hey, he’ll probably get out anyway Before Beyond Good and Evil 2.

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