what to remember from the last announcements of Edouard Philippe before the deconfinement of May 11

Widely approved in the Assembly, narrowly rejected in the Senate … The famous “deconfinement”, so often mentioned in recent days, will finally materialize for the French. After having already presented his strategy for “after May 11” in Parliament, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe indeed made the final arbitrations of the executive this Thursday afternoon, during a press conference organized in Matignon.

In support of the slides and infographics, the head of government was surrounded by the six ministers most concerned by the end of the crisis: Olivier Véran (Health), Christophe Castaner (Interior), Jean-Michel Blanquer (National Education), Élisabeth Borne (Ecology and Transport), Bruno Le Maire (Economy), and Muriel Pénicaud (Work).

● “The gradual lifting of containment can be started this Monday, May 11”

The first phase of deconfinement is officially launched. In the introduction to his speech, Édouard Philippe indicated that, in accordance with the objective set by Emmanuel Macron, “the progressive lifting of the containment can be initiated this Monday, May 11 ” This decision was, moreover, “validated“By the President of the Republic himself during the Defense Council this Thursday morning, then confirmed in stride in the Council of Ministers.

● The deconfinement “should not be a sign of a relaxation of our vigilance”

The deconfinement “should not be a sign of a relaxation of our vigilance “, Warned Édouard Philippe. Careful, he said May 11 will mark “the start of a new phase“: That of a”restart of part of our social life” That “will ask from each of the discipline and responsibility“, because “it will be over time that we will succeed in controlling the epidemic“, He recalled. “We can’t be clever with the virus“, He concluded.

● A new certificate for journeys of more than 100 kilometers

One certificate chases away another. For journeys beyond 100 kilometers – measured as the crow flies – a new certificate will be required. Christophe Castaner promised that this document would be “simple“And”available in paper and digital on the website of the Ministry of the Interior” Only compelling family or professional reasons can be done with the current document. Finally, for journeys of less than 100 kilometers, a “simple proof of addressWill suffice to be in good standing. Despite the restoration of this freedom of movement, only individual outdoor sports will be authorized:indoor sports venues will remain closed

● In Île-de-France, the number of cases remains “higher than we hoped for”

This is one of the bad news of the day: Édouard Philippe confirmed that all the departments of Île-de-France will remain classified red. “The number of cases is declining, slowly, surely, but it remains high. Higher than we expected“Regretted the Prime Minister. “Given the trend, which remains well oriented, we can deconfinate“, However, said the head of government, inviting all Ile-de-France residents to respect a”stronger discipline

● Four regions remain classified red, prolonged confinement in Mayotte

In presenting the now daily “deconfinement card”, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, indicated that there were four regions classified red. This is the case of Île-de-France, Grand Est, Bourgogne Franche-Comté and Hauts-de-France. Colleges, parks and gardens will therefore not be able to open on Monday. Finally, even if “we are able to validate the deconfinement on the whole territory“, As Édouard Philippe indicated, this will not be the case for Mayotte, where the confinement is extended because”the number of cases (of coronavirus) is in slight increase

● Colleges closed in red classified departments, high schools fixed at the end of May

Unlike nursery and primary schools – which will open the week of May 11 – some colleges will have to remain closed. This will be the case in all departments classified red, where the virus is still actively circulating. From May 18, classes 6 and 5 will only reopen in the green departments, and wearing a mask will not be mandatory. As for high schools, they will be fixed at the end of the month. “If the green departments stay green in three weeks, we can at the beginning of June reflect on the reopening of high schools, cafes, restaurants …“Explained Edouard Philippe.

● One million schoolchildren welcomed with 130,000 teachers next week

The Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, announced that “one million schoolchildren will be welcomed by around 130,000 teachers” from next week. In total, between “80% and 85%“Some 50,500 schools in France will be opened”from May 12

● Wearing a mandatory mask in public transport

In public transport, the wearing of a general public mask will be compulsory for those over 11 years old, starting on Monday. For those who could not get it, “masks will be distributed as extra“At first, said the Minister of Ecological and Inclusive Transition, Elisabeth Borne. Violators will be fined 135 euros.

● Public transport: at least 50% of the usual offer

The public transport offer will increase from Monday. At least 50% of the usual offer will be provided, namely: 75% of the usual RATP service in Île-de-France; 20% or 30% of TER and TGV trains at first then 40% at the end of May. Attendance should however be limited to 15% of that usually observed, in particular thanks to the continuation of telework, advanced the Minister of the Ecological and united Transition, Elisabeth Borne. In Île-de-France, “access to public transport during rush hour will be reserved for those who have an employer certificate or can justify their trip by a compelling reason“, She said. On the automotive side, carpooling is encouraged.

● Obligatory fortnight for “contact cases”, even in the event of a negative test

What should you do if you are a “contact case”, that is to say if it is proven that you may have been infected by a sick person? “You will then be invited to stay at home, in isolation“Said the Minister of Health, referring to a mandatory fortnight. During this period, the rules of distance from those around you must be respected – even at home – the temperature must be taken at least twice a day, and a work stoppage will be sent if teleworking is not possible. Finally, a test will be carried out 7 days after the last contact with the sick person. Isolation will be extended by 8 to 10 days on average if the test is positive … And by 7 days on average if it is negative, because “a negative test does not completely rule out the disease“, Said Olivier Véran.

● Screening: “France is ready to test massively”

The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, said that “France is ready to massively test ” “In recent weeks, everything has been done to be able to screen vulnerable people, but also all symptomatic people and contact cases“, he added. In the event of difficulty in carrying out a prescribed test, the telephone platform for information on the coronavirus remains available (0800 130 000, free call, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week).

● “No compulsory confinement for vulnerable people”

Emmanuel Macron spoke out against any form of “discrimination” In order not to further isolate the most fragile, the executive therefore decided that “there will be no mandatory containment for vulnerable people after May 11” “But I want to say to all those who know they are vulnerable (…): continue, for your safety and that of others, to observe, as far as possible, and on a voluntary basis, very strict rules of prudence “

● Elderly: no deconfinement in nursing homes on May 11

Despite the deconfinement, the government does not plan “additional flexibilityIn the Ehpad. This decision was made to “continue to do everything to protect vulnerable seniors“, According to Olivier Véran. “Family visits may continue if the situation of the establishment allows“, However, said the Minister of Health.

● A bonus of 1000 to 1500 euros for all employees of retirement homes

Olivier Véran, announced that the government would unblock “€ 475 million in additional appropriationsFor retirement homes, which have been hit hard since the start of the health crisis. “As with caregivers, we are announcing that all nursing home staff, regardless of their status, will receive a bonus to enhance their flawless commitmentAdded the Minister of Health. “This premium will be 1,500 euros in the 33 departments where the epidemic has been the strongest. And 1000 euros elsewhere“, He further explained, adding that”this premium will be paid in the coming weeks“And that she”will be tax exempt” “It will be the same in establishments welcoming people with disabilitiesAdded the Minister of Health. And to conclude: “In the rest of the medico-social sector, a bonus will be announced and detailed soon

● Opening of beaches and lakes on a case-by-case basis, with authorization from the prefect

First prohibited, access to beaches, lakes and nautical centers may finally be authorized from Monday. This must be done on a case-by-case basis, upon decision of the prefect. The mayors who make the request must all present “sufficient accommodation to guarantee physical distance“Said Interior Minister Christophe Castaner.

● Fborders closed until further notice, restrictions in Europe until June 15

Even if the free movement of cross-border workers will be “preserved“, Christophe Castaner announced that”borders remain closed until further notice” Likewise, although there is no quarantine measure “inside the Shengen area», Border restrictions will apply« until June 15 at least »with European countries. Finally, certain additional derogations may be granted, as in the case of “child care or visit, or for compelling economic reasons

● 400,000 companies will reopen on Monday, representing 875,000 employees

All shops, closed since March 15, will reopen (May 11)“, Confirmed the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire. The tenant of Bercy however returned on “the exception»Of«leisure places, such as bars, cafes and restaurants“: He indicated that their reopening date will be fixed at the end of May. “On May 11, 400,000 companies will reopen, representing 875,000 jobs“, He continued. Before detailing the figures: “77,000 hair salons; 33,000 clothing businesses; 15,000 florists and 3,300 booksellers” “Social and economic life will be able to restart“He hoped.

● Shopping centers over 40,000m² open, except in Île-de-France

Unlike most, which may reopen on May 11, the major shopping centers in the Paris region will remain closed. “Shopping centers over 40,000 m² may reopen in agreement with the prefects, except in Île-de-France, where we believe that health risks lead us to postpone their opening“Declared the Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire. The tenant of Bercy did not advance on a date.

● The State “will continue to be present” for companies

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, assured that the State “will continue to be presentAlongside companies. For small businesses and the self-employed, he confirmed that the solidarity fund would be maintained until the end of May. As for small businesses which had to close by administrative decision, he also confirmed that they would be exempt from social charges for the months of March, April and May.

● Faced with the risk of “general impoverishment”, it may be necessary to work more

Once the health crisis has passed, our country will respond to the economic crisis and the general impoverishment that will occur“, Édouard Philippe anticipated. Faced with the economic brake, the Prime Minister did not close the door to possible measures to extend working hours. This scenario was notably acclaimed by Medef, which proposed to “work more“, And by the Montaigne Institute, which proposed to delete a public holiday. “The questions that are asked by a number of actors are good questions“Said the head of government. “I think there will be a debate. (…) If we want to regain our prosperity in a certain way (…) it will be necessary that collectively we give ourselves the means, by work, by solidarity, by inventiveness. This will be the subject of discussions in the coming weeks and months“, He warned.

● The municipal issue will be decided before the end of May

The municipal issue will be decided within a month. Regarding the 30,000 or so mayors elected in the first round, Édouard Philippe confirmed that he had asked the Scientific Council for an opinion. Whereasas soon as possible“, This report will be presented to Parliament and will make it possible to decide”if, and especially when, (their) installation is possible” As for the second round, the Scientific Council will indicate by May 23 at the latest whether or not it is possible to maintain it in June. If the sanitary situation does not allow it, it will then be necessary to reorganize the two towers after the summer.

● Nearby cultural places may reopen on May 11, not cinemas

Cultural places of proximity, that is to say “libraries, media libraries and small museums“Will reopen on May 11, announced Christophe Castaner. The exact definition of what is a “small museumIs still not specified. Is it a function of the area, the number of visitors, the ability to organize the visits? Or all of these at once? “The prefects will stop the list“Of the places concerned, explained the Minister of the Interior. “Cinemas, concert and party halls and indoor sports areasFor their part will remain closed, he added. Just like the big museums or monuments.

● Philippe denies any tension with Macron in managing the crisis

While strategic differences between the Élysée and Matignon were brought to light during the health crisis, the Prime Minister made a point of denying any disagreement with the Head of State. Asked about the subject, he said he had “always found“,”in (their) relationships“,”fluidity that has few precedents” Emmanuel Macron, for his part, said twice, at a majority dinner on Wednesday and the Council of Ministers on Thursday, his “perfect harmonyWith the head of government.


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