What to see this Monday: The Simpsons to marathon and news in streaming

At 7 in the morning a long marathon of The Simpsons begins

Before this time of forced quarantine by the


we had become accustomed to meeting, on air TV or on cable, with marathons of

The Simpson

. The perfect wildcard to fill any empty space in programming, the longest running series in television history has plenty of material to fill or fill any need.

Now, the new rules imposed by the pandemic lead us to the meeting of

The Simpsons continued

. In this case with the promise of more than 30 episodes without pause that the

Fox channel

programmed for this

Monday, March 30, between 7 in the morning and 10 at night

. A formula of a quarantine to start a new week with the need not to leave home.

This yellow marathon appears as the real highlight of a list of news and proposals proposed by streaming and television to happen this Monday. The Qubit TV platform, for example, has just added two valuable titles to its catalog. First of all, the original version of

King Kong (1933)

, by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Shoedsack, one of the most influential films in the entire history of American cinema, with amazing visual effects for that time.

The island of sin, by Alfred Hitchcock, available on the Qubit platform
The island of sin, by Alfred Hitchcock, available on the Qubit platform

The second is

The island of sin


The Manxman, 1929

), the last silent film by Alfred Hitchcock, a title that in the words of

Francois Truffaut

anticipates what the suspense master would later do in great plays like

Under the sign of Capricorn


My secret condemns me

. “Silent films are the purest form of cinema,” says Hitchcock in his conversation book with Truffaut.

This Monday the 30th a new title is also added to the second week of the cycle

Movie quarantine

, which the PCI Film Directors Association launched with very good repercussion from the site


. The proposal is to enable a new online movie every day and enrich it with a live virtual debate between the public and its director, at 8 o’clock.

Today’s movie is

Badur home

(2019), by Rodrigo Moscoso, with Bárbara Lombardo and Javier Flores, a melancholic comedy of entanglements that takes place in the director’s native Salta, with local imprint and universal spirit, according to the criticism published in


with the

Diego Batlle signature.

The film will be available on the Internet from 0 to midnight on Tuesday. The online chat with Moscoso will be at 20.

For these hours, the Internet has hundreds of materials specially programmed to make the most of this quarantine time. The platform


For example, it has just added the latest Oscar winner, South Korean, to its offer of titles for rent

Parasite by Bong Joon-Ho

. And the talented

Dalia Gutmann

uploaded to YouTube

Mine thing

, the full version of the show registered at the Maipo Theater last year.

Finally, the cable also adds premieres this Monday. The A&E signal announces for the 9 pm the premiere of the docu-reality

Internet addicts

, in which two people and their respective families are accompanied trying to confront and overcome this dependency. And TNT will present a new title of its original feature film series as an absolute novelty. In this case the police

Out of Blue,

Carl Morley, in which a detective (Patricia Clarkson) carries out a murder investigation during which disturbing personal leads are also revealed. The prominent cast is completed by James Caan, Toby Jones, Mamie Gummer and Jackie Weaver.



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