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What to take on a picnic except meat

Spring is coming, and many have already planned a country holiday with barbecue. So you want to pamper yourself with juicy meat cooked on coals. But – your liver may not be happy at all. If you want a good weekend and tasty food without harm to health, you should remember about some dietary recommendations.

Do not need extra fat

The main enemy of the liver is saturated fats. If you are going to eat barbecue, be sure your body will receive a decent dose of "bad" fat. No need to load it beyond measure. Do not take on the nature of hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, french fries, chips and other fast food. They can adversely affect the health of the liver. With the frequent use of unhealthy food and drinks there is a risk of developing fatty liver disease. On a picnic you can take a lot of different useful and equally tasty alternatives.

Smaller portions

Health affects not only the quality, but also the amount of food eaten. At the weekend, the risk of overeating is especially high – after all, “having seized”, you want to please yourself with tasty foods. Leaving for a picnic, you should not take extra food. It is better to take less meat and more vegetables – there is a lot of liquid in them, and they quickly cause a feeling of fullness. Take small plates: the smaller their size, the smaller the portion will be and the lower the risk of overeat.

If you want spicy

A great addition to meat is garlic. With him, the dishes become aromatic, and it has a beneficial effect on the condition of the liver.

In 2016, a study was conducted in which 110 people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) took part. Portions of the subjects were given two capsules each day with dried garlic powder. After a while they lost weight, and, mainly due to adipose tissue. It is beneficial for the liver because overweight is one of the main risk factors for NABCD.

Useful replacement for chips

Chips contain a lot of fat, salt and sugar – a complete set of substances that are harmful to your liver, and not only for it. If you want to take on the nature of snacks, it is better to choose nuts, but not salted. They are rich in healthy fats, vitamin E. If you include nuts in your daily diet, it will be useful not only for the liver, but also for the cardiovascular system.

In 2015, a study was conducted in which people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease regularly ate walnuts for several months. As a result, their liver parameters in the biochemical blood analysis improved: levels of AlAT, AsAT, gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase.

Spices instead of salt

Salt increases the risk of hypertension. It turns out that lovers of salty harm their liver. One study (although it was carried out on animals) showed that an excess of salt in the diet can lead to fibrosis – a condition in which normal liver tissue is replaced by scar.

So that the meat does not seem fresh, instead of salt in the marinade, you can add different spices. Rosemary, sage, curry, cumin are well suited. They contain antioxidants – polyphenols – as well as other useful substances.

Antioxidants instead of alcohol

Alcohol – the main competitor of saturated fats in the fight for the title of the most terrible enemy of the liver. When used excessively, it causes alcoholic fatty liver disease, which over time can turn into alcoholic steatohepatitis and cirrhosis. In the high-risk group, people who regularly exceed the permissible daily doses: 28 grams of pure alcohol for men and 14 for women. Even a lavish libation, combined with fats that are found in meat, does not add to the health of your liver.

A good drink for a picnic and in general for every day is green tea. It contains antioxidants catechins and, as research has shown, reduces the risk of certain oncological diseases, including liver cancer. The health benefits of store teas in bottles are doubtful, you need to brew a drink yourself and take a hot picnic in a thermos.

More greens

Green leafy vegetables, such as lettuce and spinach, go well with meat and are good for overall health. They contain glutathione, vitamin E and other antioxidants – they can protect your liver.

You can take a picnic with fresh vegetables and prepare a salad on the spot. It is better to fill it with olive oil: it contains healthy fats, it has a beneficial effect on the state of the cardiovascular system, liver, metabolism.

For dessert

At the weekend, you want not only meat, but also sweet. And in this desire lies another danger. Chocolate, cakes, pastries, sweets, confectionery – all this contains added sugars, they saturate the body with "empty" calories. You feel a surge of energy, but it does not last long. Soon there is a state when you just want to lie down and fall asleep, and there is no longer any talk of active rest. Due to the regular use of added sugars in the body, more fatty tissue is deposited, the risk of fatty degeneration of the liver and other health problems increases.

Instead of desserts for a picnic, it's better to take fruits and berries. They contain antioxidants and other nutrients, dietary fiber, which improves the bowels.

Blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, grapes, bananas, citrus fruits are especially useful for the liver. Grapefruits, among other compounds, contain the antioxidant naringenin, which helps reduce the amount of fat in the liver, improves the body's ability to absorb alcohol and reduces its negative effects.

Try new

For a change, instead of meat on a picnic, you can try to cook fish. Experts in the field of nutrition recommend twice a week to eat oily fish. It contains beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, which prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver, improve the functioning of its enzymes.

Helper for the liver

If a person is systematically malnourished, drinks alcohol, drinks soda, he may develop fatty liver disease. When fatty liver disease in the body can accumulate toxic ammonia. An increased level of ammonia, which, in turn, can be one of the causes of fatigue, weakness, reduced concentration, and also contribute to the further progression of liver disease. As a result, cirrhosis of the liver may even develop.

As one of the tests, which may indicate a possible increase in the level of ammonia and disruption of the liver, the test of communication of numbers is used. Go through it on the site testpecheni.rf. If a person does not have time to go through it in 40 seconds, you should consult a doctor, get tested, adjust the diet. And to reduce the level of toxic ammonia and protect the liver, the doctor may prescribe the drug Hepa-Mertz in granules. More about this on

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