What TV show is sending people on SSI

What TV show is sending people on SSI

A certain TV show of a London production company wants to send the winners of the contest on SSI (International Space Station). It’s something that hasn’t happened before and it would be a unique TV show. Participants will have to go through some difficult challenges, and the winners will reach SSI through SpaceX.

Space Hero, a reality TV show that will offer a trip on SSI, is currently in development, Deadline Hollywood reports.

It intends to present a global search to find a group of people able to go through a series of challenges. It is believed that the reality TV show will culminate in a live global broadcast in which people from all over the world can vote on who they want to get on SSI.

According to LinkedIn, Space Hero is a London production company co-founded by Thomas Reemer and Deborah Sass. The news claims that the company is run by Martin “Marty” Pompadour who previously held management positions at ABC and News Corporation.

The TV show that wants to send people on SSI will be produced by Ben Silverman, former co-president of NBC Entertainment. It’s not clear how strong these relationships are, given that Reemer and Sass don’t seem to have much production experience.

Deadline claims that Space Hero is working with Axiom Space, a company working to build its own commercial space station in the future. It secured a potential trip to SSI sometime in 2021, using a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule that will carry three space tourists.

Axiom confirmed for The Verge that he is working with Space Hero on that TV show to send people to SSI. It’s still early and we certainly shouldn’t expect the TV show Space Hero to appear until there’s some kind of firm commitment from a broadcaster.

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