what we know at this stage of the investigation

On Tuesday, a plumber working at 6 rue de l’Industrie, in Saint-Priest, near Lyon, discovered “many human debris” and an electric saw in a trash can. In response, the police opened an investigation for intentional homicide and have since been attempting to identify the victim. Initial reports suggest that the victim is 17 years old, and the investigators have detained a suspect from the victim’s social circle.

At this stage of the investigation, it is believed that the victim may have been kidnapped and killed before being dismembered and passed into the pipe. This is supported by evidence of ties on the victim’s hands and testimony from a resident of the building who heard screams a few days earlier.

Psychiatric expertise will be provided to the suspect, and a formal identification of the victim will be made via DNA or genetic fingerprints. More information is expected to be revealed as the investigation continues.