What would grandma say if the apartment she inherited is 80% mortgaged in order to buy shares from it, as well as from the bequeathed one?

I received an inheritance of over € 100,000.

I would like to invest the money as follows:

€ 50,000 overnight money (no interest, but it is safe, within 100k deposit limit and if there is a 60% slump in the stock market like the dotCom bubble, financial crisis, etc., then I “only” make a 30% loss. That lasts you look better and 10 years later everything looks better again.)

25,000 € MSCI World (invest worldwide in stocks from industrialized countries, disadvantage: only large and medium-sized companies, no emerging countries such as Asia where growth takes place, low Europe share of only 20%, very high USA share of 60-65%, therefore I only invest half of my shares and not just everything in this “world ETF”)

12,500 € MSCI Emerging Markets (investing worldwide in emerging countries, these are not just any 3rd world countries in Africa, as you might think, but very promising countries like China, Korea, Taiwan, India and companies like Samsung and Co. …, this Investment fluctuates more and will develop better in the long term due to the “political risk”, at least a diversification, since industrial and emerging countries often develop in opposite directions)

€ 7,500 MSCI Europe Small Caps (here I kill two birds with one stone. I am increasing the proportion of small companies in my portfolio from 0 to 15% and thus a market-neutral level, because otherwise I would have an active bet against small companies and these fluctuate more in the long term and probably achieve higher returns (Small Cap Premium), I am also increasing the low European share to a level that corresponds to that of Europe in global GDP, and European stocks are not as overvalued as American ones, another advantage is that a high share of the euro in this index reduces the exchange rate risk)

5,000 € FTSI Europe Real Estate (an investment in listed real estate investment companies. Serves on the one hand to increase the European share of my investment, on the other hand as a hedge against higher real estate prices and rents in Europe. It is controversial whether this index is an “industry bet “deals with the real estate sector, which one should avoid as a passive investor, or with an independent asset class” real estate “similar to” bonds “or” commodities “, which diversifies the investment in” stocks “in a positive way and long-term like real estate)

I come to a TER of 0.2 and a TD of 0.1.