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What you need to know to circulate and park before and during the marathon Nice-Cannes Sunday

As every year, Cannes will be the finish city of the race. We will be able to see the competitors finish their challenge by the seaside between the Avenue du Maréchal-Juin, the Pointe Croisette and the Carlton Hotel, on the Croisette.

This massive influx will require provisions for traffic in the hyper-center, as well as parking and even residence exits.

For the latter, the inhabitants received a letter specifying the modalities of their displacements during these few hours.

In California, for example, entries will be banned and exits managed by the police. On the above map, we can see that for the Maréchal-Juin avenue (between the Total station and the Gould roundabout), parking will be prohibited Sunday between 1 am and 4 pm and the traffic of the vehicles (with the entrances and residences) will be prohibited from 7:30 am to 4 pm

Boulevard de la Source will become a stalemate (with the possibility of parking) during this same time slot.

In the area of ​​Boulevard Gazagnaire, parking will be banned from 1am to 4pm.

The circulation (and the exits of residences) will be possible between 7:30 and 16:00.

The perpendiculars to the boulevard: Esprit-Violet, Reine-Astrid, Gulf-Juan, Cros-Veil, as well as avenues Saint-Ferreol, Hesperides prolonged and the alley Teisseire will be declared deadlocked between 7:30 am and 16h.

No traffic (between 7.30am and 4pm) or parking (between 1am and 4pm) possible on Franklin Roosevelt Square tomorrow. And the Verdun, Mourre Rouge, Palm Beach, Croisette and Canto car parks will be closed, as well as the pound.

Regarding Boulevard Croisette, traffic will be prohibited from this Saturday, 21h, until Sunday, 19h, on the south boulevard. This between the streets Macé and Latour-Maubourg.

That said, the northern causeway will also be closed to vehicles – except for relief and organizers but between rue Latour-Maubourg and place Franklin-Roosevelt tomorrow, between 7:30 and 16:45. Parking will be generally restricted on both roads between this Saturday evening and Sunday evening.


No secret, in Antibes, we know, it will avoid parking his vehicle on the entire route of the race that continues along the coastal routes either from the RD6098 to the boulevard du Littoral including through the Salers ramp, boulevard de Bacon and that of Charles-Guillaumont.

And this, from this Saturday 23h until Sunday 14h. Exception for boulevard Edouard-Baudoin, section Jacques-Leonetti street and avenue Georges-Gallice which extends this prohibition until Monday, 14h.

The circulation of vehicles, including cyclists, is prohibited on the course from 6:30 Saturday. Deviations are obviously put in place.

As for the vehicles taking the path of the Ermitage which are deviated from the boulevard du Cap towards the path of the Sands and the avenue de la Rostagne. Or like those coming from Gaston-Bourgeois Avenue from Auguste-Renoir Avenue that are diverted to Daudel Avenue.

Good to know: access to rue Sainte-Marguerite section rue Bricka / Boulevard Charles-Guillaumont and Dulys Square from Raymond-Poincaré Boulevard is prohibited. Only residents with parking or access to Dulys 1 are allowed.

Access to the train station is via Sadi-Carnot Street, Pasteur Avenue and the Liberation to the Place Pierre-Sémard.

Note: residents with private parking Boulevard Albert-I Maizière section are allowed to access from the carrefour Maizière. The police will be hard at work to keep watch.


Well, we suspect: as for Antibes, Golfe-Juan closed the traffic to vehicles Sunday from 6:30.

It is the day before that the parking will be closely watched. Parking on the coast near the race (Theater de la Mer and Old Port) will be closed this Saturday from midnight. Better to take precautions to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Deviations are set up, especially on the Avenue de la Liberté and on the way to the Aube.

The police will be on the ground.


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