What you should know about your home in case of divorce

The doubts regarding housing when divorcing are many. What about the family home and the mortgage? Who stays in the house? Can the lock be changed? Who has to clean the floor? Luckily, we have spoken with our Idealista experts to resolve absolutely every question.

Who pays the mortgage on the family home in case of divorce? Well you. After how bad you behaved, you are not going to expect your ex to pay it.

What happens to the home in case of divorce, and how does it affect my personal income tax? Your ex keeps it because after what you did at that company dinner, you can’t expect to keep it yourself. And the personal income tax is assumed by you too.

Who uses the family home after a joint custody divorce? You don’t, so don’t mess around.

Can I lose my homestead exemption after a divorce? You lost that exemption from the very moment you said “I do.”

What happens after the divorce if the house was bought by only one of the spouses, married in community? Do not insist, that the house is kept by your ex, that we all saw those messages with Martínez de Accounts.

I have been divorced, do I have to continue paying rent to my ex? Hey, it wouldn’t hurt after the weekend you gave him in the rural house in Toledo.

What tax consequences are there if you get divorced and your ex-partner decides to rent the family home that the judge allows him to use, without your consent? If you hadn’t gone to Menorca with Martínez de Accounts within two weeks of leaving him with your ex, there would still be an option, but now it’s better to shut up and stop making a fool of yourself.