WHAT’S HAPPING BEHIND DADA’S BACK: Why is an ex-girlfriend caring for Felix?

“It’s eroticism that gives energy to all creation and pushes it forward,” Felix explains, adding, “And I think it’s very lucky that I still have to do something. I can’t be idle, I’d die. ”Even though the musician is old enough to do so, he can’t rest and he’s going somewhere with his saxophone. And he does not mind that it is often necessary to the other end of the republic. And Felix will not rest even after being hospitalized in the ICU of Neurology at the Písek Hospital with a “short-term ischemic brain attack”.

With son on stage

It wasn’t even four days since Felix left the hospital with a diagnosis of “small stroke” home in Prague and the saxophonist went to Písek again. This time, however, not to the hospital, but to the Portyč cinema for the Filmový Písek festival. The local PIKO chamber orchestra was conducted by his son Felix Slováček ml. (38) and the saxophonist performed there together with Jitka Zelenková (71) as a guest. And he met Olga Menzelová there (43), who brought to Písek to show a statuette of an Oscar for the film Closely Watched Trains.

Felix Slováček and Jiří Suchý ended up after a collapse in the hospital!

Miraculously active

Menzel and everyone present with the saxophonist no longer counted when they learned of his collapse. But Felix carried them, looked and played not only great, but also humorous. “And that would be if I weren’t here,” Felix said, smiling, “My life just requires sex and a saxophone!” And what does Dad’s wife say? Patras (65)? “I guess Felix is ​​right, he’s really miraculously active for his age. After all, I don’t even know what he’s doing behind my back, “comments Dáda.

Gelemova takes care as much as possible

Felix collapsed near Písek when he went on a trip with ex-wife Lucie Gelemová (38). She then took him from the hospital to Prague and returned home to Třeboň, where he lives. “Of course, the event was not pleasant and fortunately it is over. I continue to take care of Felix to the best of my ability. As we declared earlier, we remain friends, we each have our own way and we are open to further working cooperation. “

Felix’s confession about Dada and alcohol. And chilling last words Karla Gotta



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