What’s in the bear’s stomach or something important to consider before buying a phone?

First impression – visual sensations

When choosing a new device or any other item, the first decisive criterion is exactly the visual appearance and everything else that we can evaluate by sight and touch. If the feelings are more negative after this first step, it is likely that various internal factors will not be able to convince the potential buyer otherwise. Therefore, when looking for a new smartphone, it is necessary to start with a full-fledged analysis of appearance – colors, materials, ergonomics, weight and also design.

“The first thing that usually catches the eye of any of us is the different design. For example, the new Huawei Mate 50 Pro is available in a special orange vegan leather version, which, thanks to the lightweight fiberglass material, provides a soft and comfortable grip, while maintaining excellent impact resistance and flexibility. In this way, the user can not worry about the wear of the device’s case after a relatively short period of use,” says Mikus Tillers, head of Huawei product training.

When it comes to quality and sustainable materials, technology industry research shows that half of smartphone maintenance cases are directly related to cracked or broken screens. A small crack on the glass is often enough to require repair or even replacement of the entire screen, middle frame and battery. Therefore, Huawei wanted to create an almost shatterproof screen to free users from regular phone repair visits and additional expenses.

When creating the new Kunlun glass, Huawei engineers borrowed the durable properties of reinforced concrete and took into account the habits of phone users, thereby increasing the glass’s resistance to drops by 10 times compared to previous models. The vegan leather version of the Huawei Mate 50 Pro is the first smartphone to receive the Swiss SGS five-star drop-resistance certification thanks to the new glass.

Power that does not disappoint

After it has been evaluated that the appearance and materials of the phone are in accordance with the criteria set by the buyer, it is necessary to make sure whether the technological capabilities of the device will provide tireless support throughout the day.

“One of the first challenges most smartphone users face is memory. Industry research shows that as photos and videos accumulate, the amount of remaining storage on a device often drops rapidly six months to a year after purchase. Therefore, Huawei has introduced the SuperStorage function in the new Mate model, which automatically identifies duplicate files and apps that the user has not used for a while and reduces their consumption. SuperStorage has been proven in tests to save up to 20 GB, leaving more space for photos, videos and even games,” says the expert.

The second important criterion is battery life. To this end, Huawei has developed SuperEnergy Boosting technology to meet the needs of the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s smartphone users. When the battery level drops to 1%, SuperEnergy Boosting combines the remaining power to provide three hours of standby time or 12 minutes of calls.

Today, the assortment of smartphones is so wide that you will find the most suitable solution for everyone’s wishes. However, before purchasing, it is important to pay attention to the above-mentioned criteria so that the use of the phone is of high quality for a long time.