What’s new in terms of shops at the moment in Montluçon (Allier)?

The fourth organic store in the agglomeration of Montluçon opened on November 4, in place of the old Intersport, avenue des Martyrs in Prémilhat. With So.bio, Jérôme Guéraud, already manager of the Carrefour Market in Désertines, and his wife employ five people.

“Since the opening, we have had very good attendance and the returns are positive”, informs the franchisee. Originally from the South-West, the brand was acquired in 2018 by the Carrefour group. “Today, our desire is to extend the network throughout France”, explains Jérôme Lepore, director of the franchise network.

2. Nocibé is replaced by April

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The Nocibé beauty institute, located on Boulevard de Courtais in Montluçon, changed its brand in October. Its owner, the German group Douglas, announced last January the closure – by the fall of 2022 – of 62 Nocibé stores in France, including the one in Montluçon. In May, Bogart, parent company of the April brand, had submitted a plan to take over 41 businesses, including that of the city on the banks of the Cher.

The change of brand was therefore carried out not long ago in the Montluçonnais trade. No immediate change to be expected in the services and products offered, but new brands have appeared, replacing others.

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3. A new grocery store of local and bulk products

The Eco Bougnat, the bulk and local products store located in Vallon-en-Sully, will open a second point of sale on Boulevard de Courtais in Montluçon on December 1st.

“For those who already know us, it will be exactly the same as in our first store,” says Céline Abeillon, the manager.

Thus, the grocery store will offer its traditional products, cosmetics, cleaning products, etc. “We will always have as many Auvergne products to satisfy our customers,” adds the manager. The idea, with this second opening, is to give the planet a little extra boost by gradually evolving with people. “

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4. The Italian restaurant finally welcomes its customers on site

After having opened by offering only take-away meals on November 10, the new Italian restaurant Pizza Maestro, quai Rouget-de-Lisle, on the site of the old Amnesia night bar, has opened its catering space. on site this Friday, November 19.

“We had these two stages because of the high expectations of customers and the work related to the C Montluçon project”, explains Pierre Savoca, the manager. Next to the pizzas, the restaurant offers, among other things, lasagna, Milanese cutlets, cold cuts and Sicilian specialties …

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Brian Le Goff