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WhatsApp plans to delete backups older than a year. Now many users of the messenger receive an e-mail, according to which they can pay 59 euros for a one-year membership. Should you upgrade now or is the mail "Payment Request" just phishing? Networld explains it to you.

Is there a lifelong WhatsApp membership for 399 euros?

Is there a lifelong WhatsApp membership for 399 euros? (Source: Mactrunk / depositphotos.com)

Starting on November 12, the regular WhatsApp backup will no longer burden your Google Drive storage, and WhatsApp will delete all backups older than a year. The confusion surrounding this announcement is now exploited by scammers and sent according to the technology magazine "Heise" phishing emails. They will receive an alleged payment reminder warning that your account will be deleted within 48 hours.

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If you click on the button contained in the e-mail, you end up on dubious websites, which offer you either a membership for one year for 59.99 euros or a "lifelong membership" for 399 euros. If you go to the "offer", you lose a lot of money because your account will not be deleted.

Police are warning

Linguistically wooden, a few lines of text and a link to external pages that want to have your credit card data: This does not fit the WhatsApp Messenger, which has been completely free for years. Even the police warn against such scams. Nevertheless, unsuspecting people still fall for fake messages.

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  • payment reminder

    Hello XXX,

    Attention! Your WhatsApp Messenger account has expired.

    Your backup chat is full, the account will run away within 48 hours.

    Extend your membership as soon as possible to avoid losing your data (pictures, videos and history …)

    You can only update your account membership by clicking the following link:

    Date | 05.11.2018 – 16:32
    Billed: XXX
    Quantity: 59 €

    Upgrade now



The sender usually has the name "whatsapp" or "info@whatsapp.de". Already in the subject you will either be informed in English or bad German about an alleged expired subscription or asked to update your payment information. At least here you should be startled.

In no case enter data!

If you did not die from a laughter while reading the mail due to the lack of grammar, nothing serious has happened so far. But if you clicked on the link, do not enter your data. Because they are then exploited by the swindlers, for example, to capture your accounts.

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Even if it says in the mail, it will delete your media (pictures, videos, GIFs) after 48 hours – this will only put pressure on you to pay the amount or to enter your data. You should not download dubious pages anyway. Always use official trusted sources, such as our download archive. For further fraud warnings, follow our ticker and should you find suspicious mails, pages or similar, always write it in the comments.

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